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Strange Lands - Hugh Castle [WIP]

This is a large map with Hugh Castle. I Stated out just with a Castle and a small surrounding area.
But.. I enlarged it twice as I added new areas. I Believe the map ended up being about 4500x4500.

It hard to see details show I include two larger views (links below).

I got a little carried away with all the lakes and ponds, but once going that direction... I just went with it.

To do list:
1. Thin out the trees in areas.
2. More Details about all the Buildings.
3. More fine Details in the Forests (Dead Trees and Branches) and around the Roads (More Signs, small rocks, etc).
4. Add Characters and Wagons.

[Maybe] Want to do list:
1. Enlarge the map little to the East.
2. Add a Rock Quarry.
3. Add a Logging Camp.

To see a more detailed view:

17MB Version: 3100x2600px

70MB Version: 6200x5200px


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