My First Asian Map

My first Asian Map and my first Map post.

Comments/Suggestions welcomed.

For a more detailed view:


  • Just great. We need you to add some of your maps in the Atlas.
  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 26 images Cartographer ProFantasy
    Wow Sam! That's simply HUGE, and fascinating in all its details :)
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    Thank you Sue. I tried to post a more detail view, but I guess there is a limit in the number of MBs a file can be.

    Quentin I would like to, but I am doing Maps like this one or more to the point, Castle Types. Which I don't know if these fits with your other Maps?
  • Try Malajuri continent, or Southern Doriant
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    Malajuri is more an "indonesian" type continent.....BUT I am working on a regional map on Charles' Robinsons's Kumarikandam map in the kingdom of Tiantang.....there's a large city near the end of the lake.....maybe there?
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