Rappan Athuk - Cloister of the Frog God -

This is my first completed map. I was a kickstarter in the Rappan Athuk 5e reboot by Frog God Games. It is a huge work, but I have been disappointed in the maps. I do my DM'ing in virtual table top format, and the maps were not detailed enough. This was one of the main reasons I got CC3+/DD3.

Here is what the map from the book looks like.....


The rooms are just open squares basically, and it just wouldn't work for VTT format where the players are looking at a rectangle and the DM would have to fill in every last detail of this rectangle, so they know they are in a bunkroom, or bedroom etc...

And here is my rendition.......


Not perfect, and I am still working on lighting. Learned a lot with this map, which will make others go faster (issues with grid/sheets/etc) with the next one. Thanks for help from Loopysue on the statue icons.


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