Community Atlas - Shinsato Village

So I had some insomnia last night and didn't have the discipline in me at 10 pm to work on my current commission, so i came up with this after thinking about my very neglected Asian inspired realm in my homebrew world. Thanks to Sue's beautiful Annual i was able to come up with a Japanese inspired village (it's based off of an actual village somewhere in Japan i snatched a sat. pic of).

I then realized there are no regional maps of ANY japanese inspired lands mapped out....actually there are not many places at all in the atlas. The best i could find was Tiantang, on Charles Robinson's continent Kumarikandam. I will try to map out the region at some point, but currently i am working on a rather large commission with an encroaching deadline, so it'll be later rather than sooner. In the meantime, here is the region i'll map and the spot Shinsato Village will be.

NOTE: The font i've used on this map is NOT a ProFantasy font available through the program or any Annual. It can be downloaded from either, or - i can't remember which, but it is called Shanghai if you are interested. Otherwise the .fcw download, when available, will revert back to a generic cc3 font.


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