First Map

This is my first map on cc3. I have had the program for a while and been intimitated by the learning curve
but have dived in with this map.
Now i am working on a city map another steep learning curve but worth it


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 45 images Cartographer Administrator
    Not bad for a first map.
    I feel your symbols might be a bit to small though. Many are difficult to see properly when I look at the full map.
  • Really nice map!
    I was playing around with some effects on it. I couldn't tell if you had added any or not. (My own unfamiliarity with cc3). I did add 2 effects to the Contours[Land] sheet. a blur of 5, and a transparency of 50%. That softens the contours a bit. I like it, but YMMV.

    For the city maps, Gandwarf has an excellent tutorial in case you haven't heard. Was worth my time to go through it.
  • This is nice! The rivers are shaped very nicely, although they feel just a little bit out of place in the mountain ranges. Perhaps you could soften them with some sort of glow effect, maybe even a green glow to represent increased growth there? Unless, of course, this is intended -- then ignore this! :-) Keep it up!
  • Thanks for your input

    Monsen my symbols are small because i converted it to pdf format and printed it out in a1 size came out really well
    my players were impressed!

    Moondrake thanks i am checking them out now will try your and goldgrae,s glow tips

    thanks for looking
  • I did a Valley of Obelisks map just a few weeks ago: AWizardInDallas: Cartography. I'd feel somewhat remiss not to share it again. :)
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