WIP Community Atlas NE Sections of Alarius

I'm working on a pair of maps for the NE section of Alrius. The Emerald Crown Forest and Feralwood Forest areas. Mostly pleased with them so far. but never hurts to have other eyes and opinions. So opinion away...


  • These look great. Just a couple of suggestions: the two streams that feed the lake with the obelisk (I think that's what it is) both look like they run up-slope when wending their way around the hills near their origin. I might let them vanish behind the hills and come out around a corner to suggest they're on the valley floor. (Also, the end of a hill symbol stretches out into the northernmost of the two streams.) The end of the northernmost big river (that vanishes off the east border) has the origin of the line visible. These look beautiful, though.
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    These are really good! I think you managed the tricky feat of mixing overland symbol styles with judicious choices, too. I'm particularly charmed by the white roofs on the tower and keep/city in the NW corner of the Emerald Crown Forest map. I also really dig the layout of your forests, the shapes of your lakes, and your careful use of the rivers. The drop-shadowed map titles are a nice finishing touch.

    The road through the hills in the Feralwood Forest map is nicely done, but do you think the road would really climb the hills rather than weave around them (not necessarily at the valley floor level but around rather than over)? That's a very tiny nitpick, though, on a very nice set of maps. Oh, and the map borders/frames are tonally spot-on.

    Are you going to label them? I'm curious to see the map with names. I'm also curious about those structures in the SE of the Feralwood map, near the henge.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for the feedback, guys. I addressed some of the issues. I also added some snowy areas as that would be natural in the location. The divide between snow and non-snow trees is abrupt, I know, but there isn't really a way I've come up with (yet) to fade or blend that in such a way as to look natural. There's only so much you can do with symbols, I suppose...

    Yeah, the roads over the hills was another question, but I really like the way they came out! I also figured that as they are areas of many hills, that eventually a road was going to have to go over. Also, being a fantasy setting, I always figure about 20 miles or travel by horseback per day, which is not much, so shortcuts over hills instead of spending extra days going around would probably be something that would be done.

    And yes, I am going to label them. I just wanted to get everything else locked in first.

    Anyway, here's updated version...
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  • I think these maps are beautiful! You've done a great job of blending everything in and making these maps aesthetically pleasing. I want to start adventuring there with my D&D group!
  • Posted By: TonnichiwaI think these maps are beautiful! You've done a great job of blending everything in and making these maps aesthetically pleasing. I want to start adventuring there with my D&D group!
    Thanks so much! And you flatter me [blush]! I WISH I had a group, but sadly, mine fell apart a few months ago. Would love to find a new one. My D&D world has been building for nearly 40 years, so it has a really rich history and backstory. I'm working on a map and setting guide of my world, but that's an on-going project that keeps getting interrupted by other things!

    I am labeling these maps now, so will post again when that's done. Probably tomorrow morning...
  • I DMed from start 1980 to fall 1985. I kept my maps, and since web pages came around I have expanded them.

    I currently run a play by post game on Dragon's Foot forums. I tried roll20 but it didn't work for me.

    Have you thought about going online ?
  • I love these, Scott. Really great. One point though - some of the rivers issuing from the mountains in the second map are very wide compared to other smaller streams. Seems a little unusual to me.
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    Yes, Quenten, some are supposed to be streams and others larger rivers.

    So here they are with labels and a bit more poking...

    Oops! Just realized I didn't put a bridge in over the brook that goes through the moorland. Will fix that...
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  • Great job! Those are beautiful maps.
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