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Hello everyone. I thought it time to stop lurking and join in. Mainly to say that I have bought CC3, CD3, DD3, SS1, SS2, and the Annuals. It sounds like I am boasting but the point is I downloaded them all, and the patch, installed and ran them and (so far, to someone who knows just enough to be dangerous) it all appears to be working ok.

This post is as much for other lurkers, who perhaps like me, could be put off by some of the technical problems that are discussed. I had no problems, other than the learning curve, which says more about me than the software.

I did dip my toe with CC3 first, to prove it would run ok, then splashed out on the rest. I regularly run a 1st ed D&D campaign and this is an ideal way to get maps and floorplans to suit the adventure, rather than fit the adventure to the maps etc out there.

I do have 2 questions which are non technical:

1) On the 2009 Annual page there is mention of:
"Issue 14 (February 2008)
Allyn Bowker brings you the Fantasy Realms style, letting you create beautiful overland maps."

This doesn't relate to the issue 14 I have. Should it read Issue 26 (February 2009)?

2) I have been expecting mails throughout the process from order to shipping as it says in Shop - Shop Questions:
"Order processing - All orders
Throughout the order process we will send progress e-mails to the address you gave while ordering."

I HAVE received a confirmation order, and of course the downloads are available. But when CC3 was queued for delivery and shipped I only found out by checking the site. Should I have received mails? Or do I misunderstand?

Pernickety I know, perhaps I have been spoilt by

Anyway, I shall keep lurking, and post if I have something to contribute. Whan any of my work is up to standard I will post it (then run and hide).

Finally, if you lurk and think about buying, do it. Excellent product.



  • Welcome to the forum first of all. Let me just say as a rank amatuer that you shouldnt be worried about the quality of your map posts. In fact, post your mistakes here and people will help with out being "in your face" about it. Thats one thing you will find about this forum. No need to run and hide unless you are in somones face about something.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 45 images Cartographer Administrator

    To answer your questions:
    1) Yes, it is referring to the February 2009 annual
    2) ProFantasy doesn't send you status emails when everything progresses according to plan. When ordering a product, you usually only get the original order confirmation, and nothing beyond that. They are quick to reply if you ever need to ask them about something though.
  • RalfRalf 🖼️ 16 images Mapmaker Administrator, ProFantasy
    Hi Bonzer,

    thanks for making me aware of these errors on the website. The Annual entry should be Issue 26, February 2009 of course. As for the order process, you can check your order status on the order page you received in the original confirmation email.
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