Problem with SS2 A

Well, yesterday I installed CC3, DD3, CD3 and SS2.

This problem only happens when I want to draw a SS2 A Style Map, at the very beginning where I can select a compass rose and such I only get red X's on the selection screen.

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When I do a "List" on those Symbols the Path seems to Refer to an SS1 Folder which I did not purchase:

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Is there any easy fix for this?



  • Oh, I stumbled upon a post from Ralf mentioning this back in August, I am interested in getting this fix somehow if possible.


    * CommentTimeAug 31st 2008

    Here's a little registry entry that will link up the DD3 Color Vegetation catalog to the "Skirmish" button. This is also included in the upcoming September's Annual. Unzip and double-click this file. Afterwards, clicking the Skirmish button in the DD3 menu should bring up the choice between the monsters and the vegetation catalogs.

    You don't have Symbol Set 1, correct? Indeed there seems to be an error with the SS2 cartouches pointing to the SS1 bitmaps. That's probably gone unnoticed so far, because few people have SS2 but not SS1. I'll contact you directly to give you a workaround, and I'll fix this.
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