Tutorial: EDIT Command (for Drawing Tools) [Video]

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Hi folks,

I've noticed some posts over the last couple of months where people mention that they edit landmasses and other entities that are often created with drawing tools (the buttons generally found in the upper-left of the CC3+ window) by painstaking use of Node Edit. Other folks add new parts to a landmass by drawing another section of land on top of the existing one. And still others redraw their entities altogether.

Well, if you use a drawing tool to create the entity you want to modify, then none of those are necessary!

Below is a quick video demonstrating the little-known but much-loved EDIT command, available for fractal and regular poly drawing tools. I hope those of you who did not know about this powerful and time-saving command find the video useful.

Edit Command (for Drawing Tools) Tutorial (Video, 4:05)

I hope it helps. If it does, you may be interested in some of the other video tutorials I've posted.


NOTE: D'oh! I just remembered that Ralf already made a video about the Edit command, available on the ProFantasy YouTube channel!
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