spaceship design

Here's a deckplan of a spaceship, I designed for Traveller. What do you think? Would smooth edges be better? Are there any better symbols for the weapons in side view?



  • Wow, very cool. Are you using sheet effects/bevel on the hull plating?
  • My only suggestion is minor, and that's to perhaps add a bit more space on the upper deck near the back- if I'm seeing things correctly there's a door leading to a walkway over the reactor, and this doorway matches the dropoff of the higher ceilings that exist forward of that location (i.e., the bedrooms, et. al.). So you walk through the doors and immediately the ceiling drops at least a foot or more at the walkway. I'd suggest either extending this higher ceiling to include the walkway area, or perhaps add some steps/a short ladder down to the walkway to indicate that there's consideration taken for that space.

    Also- and again, I expect I'm just missing something here- how does one go from the upper deck to the lower, and vice versa? It looks as if you might have to exit the top hatch and then climb in through the bottom hatch...
  • @ jaerdaph
    For the cosmographer I can't activate the sheet effects, I don't know, if it is, because the sosmographer is an add-on for CC2 ...

    @ Stormcaller3801
    I'll going to answer you later, my english isn't that good.
    One point: the connection between the decks is the ladder in the cargobay, which leads to the hatch in the bridge.
    But this is allready changed, because I've forgotten some space according to the Traveller-RPG construction rules. The upper deck (with bridge and bedrooms) will be changed a little bit.
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    @ Sormcaller 3801(again)

    I suppose the topview (outside) was a little bit irritating, but the frontview shows the ceilings beeing high enough. The ceiling above the bridge and the bedrooms is a little bit higher because of the lifesupport systems. But one square is 1,5 meters high, so each deck has a height of three meters (and some sektions a little bit more).

    here is the new, actuall version, fitting better to the Traveller rules. The common room is bigger now, enaugh space so all people - crew and passengers - can eat.

    I used the added space for an airlock to(is that the right word in english? A sepperate room between the ship and the void of space?).


    That's queer ... what did I wrong adding the image?
  • Airlock, yes. I had a feeling it was just my mistake. It looks very nice.
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