Final Release: Dundjinni Archives Vol 2 & Cosmographer Extension for CC3+

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Note that official support for all resources released by the Vintyri Project, like this one, are via email to You are still welcome to use this forum for help from fellow CC3 users, but the Vintyri project does not monitor this forum or provide support here.

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I had planned to do this on Monday, but the calendar for Monday keeps getting more unexpectedly crowded, so here goes today instead:

Our series of free add-ons for CC3+ has finished and has reached its end. All of these products are licensed for free personal and commercial use. All of them integrate into City Designer 3, Dungeon Designer 3, Symbol Set 3 (Modern), Symbol Set 4 (Dungeons of Schley) and Cosmographer.

The final release versions of the last two chapters of the Dundjinni Archives for CC3+ now are available for download:

1) The Dundjinni (TM) Archives for CC3+, Volume 2. This is a huge add-on with loads of resources, a total download of 2.4 GB. To avoid download problems, we've split the package up into five separate ZIP files.

2) The Cosmographer Extension of the Dundjinni Archives for CC3+. This is an optional extension of the archives needed only by users of Cosmographer (12 MB).

After correcting the errors that our alpha testers found in the Cosmographer extension, no new errors were found in beta testing. Therefore, the beta now is the release version and no new download is necessary.

We began offering our series of add-ons for ProFantasy products several years ago with the Vintyri (TM) Cartographic Collection. The series took a big leap forward this year with the improved CSUAC 2 and two newly authorized releases from the Dundjinni zone: First, Bogie's Mapping Objects and now the Dundjinni Archives.

These archives essentially are the same product as offered to Dundjinni users via the Dundjinni forums. However, the following objects are not included in the CC3+ version: Symbols and fills already included in Bogie's Mapping Objects and those created by Dundjinni users who do not allow commercial use of their products. The latter, fortunately, comprises only a very small part of the Dundjinni Archives.

Please note that the Dundjinni Archives for CC3+ are an expansion of the CSUAC 2. You must have the CSUAC 2 installed before you install the Dundjinni Archives. If the CSUAC 2 is missing, the Dundjinni Archives application will not work correctly, producing instead a gigantic collection of red Xs.

The Dundjinni Archives offer you 12,321 new bitmap (raster, PNG) symbols and 373 new bitmap fill styles. The package is in three volumes:

Volume 1 includes bitmap ISO (3D) symbols and covers for use in overland maps.

Volume 2 includes bitmap fantasy RPG symbols and fills designed first and foremost for City Designer 3 and Dungeon Designer 3 but accessible to all CC3+ users.

Volume 3 includes modern and science fiction bitmap symbols. The modern symbols integrate into and expand Symbol Set 3 (Modern). The science fiction symbols integrate into and expand the resources of Cosmographer. Of particular interest are large catalogs of human and alien figure symbols for deck plan maps and a catalog of additional plants for star maps.

With the release of the archives, the Vintyri website now offers free add-ons for personal and commercial use with a total of 20,425 new bitmap symbols and 708 new bitmap fills and with a total download size of 10.4 GB. The archives include Dundjinni user creations from 2008 to the present. The other packages are:

1) CSUAC 2 for CC3+: This package is similar to the Dundjinni Archives but instead for the years 2004 to 2008. It includes 4,904 fantasy, modern and science fiction bitmap symbols and 82 fill styles. The download package has a size of 702 MB. When the Dundjinni Archives are installed after the CSUAC 2, they are integrated seamlessly into the CSUAC 2, sharing the same menus and toolbars.

2) Bogie's Mapping Objects: This is the best of our download site. Dan Roy, aka Bogie, is a community leader at the Cartographers Guild, an admin at the Dundjinni forums, and one of the very best symbol creators at both. Everything in this collection, geared primarily toward CD3 and DD3 mapping, is A1 quality, the mapping equivalent of a Premier Cru from Bourgogne. The Viennese "Schlagobers" – spoon of whipped cream atop the coffee - of Bogie's Collection is his Redthorn Tavern package. It is the definitive set of symbols for making fantasy RPG tavern floor plans. Our project group has made more than 100 tavern floor plans, and Redthorn Tavern symbols are essential to every one of them. The download ZIP weighs in at 370 MB. It includes 1,384 bitmap symbols and 141 bitmap fills.

3) Vintyri Cartographic Collection: This is a set of 1,816 bitmap symbols and 112 bitmap fills geared first and foremost toward CD3 users. Most of the symbols represent buildings in various roof styles, the majority of them based on real world prototypes from the continental European Middle Ages. The download weighs in at 6.9 GB due to the many huge structural symbols in VH resolution that run from 50 to 100 MB each in size. The collection is divided among several ZIP files.

Download links:

For links to all of the above:

For direct links to the Dundjinni Archives and Cosmographer extension downloads:

Please note that we support our products. If you have problems or questions, you can send them by E-Mail to or you can post them here on the forum.

If you wish to modify any of these symbols and distribute your modification:

1) With Bogie's Mapping Objects, the CSUAC 2 and the Dundjinni Archives, please do so legally via the Dundjinni forum. The instructions for doing that are in your user's guides.

2) With the Vintyri Cartographic Collection objects you may do so freely, provided that you include the Open Game License with your distribution. The details on how to do that are explained in your user's guides.

The Vintyri Project is a non-profit organization. We sell nothing. Everything that we offer is free. We neither solicit nor accept donations. We do no kickstarters.

Happy mapping,

Mark Oliva
The Vintyri Project


  • Issue installing Bogie's Mapping objects - no custom toolbar

    I am on Windows 10 and using CC3+ 3.74

    I downloaded and extracted the install EXE (extracted in my download folder)

    Copied away the two files I have the the instructions say to copy away

    Temporarily turned off virus protection.

    Right click and run as Admin

    I chose the data folder which is not on C: for me (on E:) and confirmed that the path I chose was the same as the ini file in the cc3+ install directory. Program files are on c:

    Installed. No error messages.

    Opened CC3+ and clicked hammer to set customer icon bar 3 to up arrow. Black bar appears.

    Closed and reopened CC3+ and still blank.

    bogie version file is in main data directory Version 1.1 Release Version, Build 20, October 15, 2016

    Inside symbols directory is Bogies Map Objects and Bogies Redthorn Tavern directories.

    cc3plus data dirtectory has the VP Toolbarfix BAT file. Running it does not appear to do anything.

    Any suggestions?

    If there a suggested order to install all these add-ons?
  • Go to your registration page and download CC3+ Update 9, Version 3.75. Run it.

    Afterwards, in (Data Folders)\Profantasy\CC3Plus, you should have a file named menu_recovery.bat. Run it and see if this fixes the problem. If not, let us know.
  • That fixed it. Thank you for your help.
  • Now that I have fixed the SS4 menu button issue that I was having, I have another problem. If I install DJ Vol2, I lose all the CSAUC2 images, they get replaced with red X. If I reinstall CSAUC2, I get those images back and lose the DJ Vol 2 images.

    With all the messing with menus that we did, I wonder if we managed to rerally make a mess of the structure?
  • Handled by private E-Mail.
  • I doubled checked. One of the 4 zip files for vol 2 must have gone to the wrong directory or I did not unzip it. I redid the 4 additional files and ran the install program again and all appears to be well. Very patient and clear help in the mails, thanks.
  • 1 year later
  • Has anyone gone through the process of removing the shadows from Dunjinni Archive Vol 1 symbols and uploading them to the Dunjinni forums as outlined in the dj_vol_1_install_guide_cc3plus.pdf page 16?

    Is their a documented process other than that detailed in the source above for accomplishing removing the shadows?

    Thanks in advance!
  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 39 images Cartographer
    You might get more of a response if you contact the Vintyri Project, LE ;)
  • Thanks Sue. I was planning to. Also figured to ask on the DJ forums. But thought this would be the best place to ask first.
  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 39 images Cartographer
    Vintyri distribute them under licence, so if anyone knows it ought to be them.
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