Exporting/saving in High Resolution

Everytime I save my maps as a jpeg, bmp or png it looks horrid. Its all pixelated and the resolution is horrid. What do I need to do to save a high resolution picture? I normally have to save it as a pdf and open it in Photoshop but I just tried that with my John Speed style map and only the background is saved, no streets, houses, walls, nothing.

No offence but I tried the Help files and they did not offer me any help.


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    Before you do the save command, try zooming in far enough that CC is using the high resolution bitmaps.

  • Ok I tried that but it did not work. I "Zoom In" like it says but the only thing that happens is CC3 crashes.
  • I've never had problems with this...there is an option when you save you file as a jpeg where you can specify the pixels resolution you want. The higher the numbers, the better the resolution. I'm at work right now so i can't test this but i'll look it up tonight.

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    Highland_Piper--this is in the help files but it's a little hard to find. I don't have the program in front of me, but if I recall the option to change the resolution of your exported graphics should be under the "Options" or "Edit" menu. You may have to go a few menus deep. Change the size of the resolution and you'll get the quality you want--but note that the files do become enormous quickly.

    Don't worry--this drove me crazy for a long time too; it took me awhile to figure out how to do it.

    If Patoumonde doesn't post the specific steps tonight I'll see if I can find the how-to again.
  • Here are the specifics :)

    Select SAVE AS for your file;
    Under TYPE select the type you want, let say JPEG;
    Click the OPTION button and you get a new window where you will specify the bitmap size for the JPEG your are about to save;
    There are other selections you can specify also in the window.

    That's about it. If that doesn't work, well i just don't know what it could be.


  • Ok I had to do it at 8000x6000 then use photoshop to bring it down to a reasonable size. But what do other people do that don't have photoshop? I'm glad Profantasy is aware of the problem and are making a patch.
  • Well, Irfanview can resize jpgs, pngs, gif, bmps, etc. And its free.
  • You could also get a nice program called GIMP. And its free and open source.

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