Age of Solitude Ruins

Ground level ruins of a future campaign encounter. There will be two levels below entered by the hidden circular stairs hidden by rocks and vines, a dungeon and below that tunnels and caves. More to follow...


  • Well, I like the concept but unfortunately for me, the rocks that are covering the stairway down don't quite look believable because you can see were they would have fallen down into the stairs I know this can be a big problem to fix because how do you do that in such photographic looking symbols? I think I would have used just bushes instead of stones. But other than that I think it looks pretty good.
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    Wow, this looks really nice! I'm not usually into the more photo-realistic maps because symbols and fills often seem mismatched or forced to me, and because you can run into issues like the one tonnichiwa pointed out. I agree the rocks on the stairs might need some tweaking, but I think this looks great, especially for a battle map.

    I particularly like the two sets of un-obstructed stairs and the overgrown stone floors/roads. Are these all CC3/SS2 symbols and fills, or did you import some from other sources?

  • i totally agree about the rocks over the stairs...i completely missed that and will work on fixing it. it actually shouldn't be too difficult. As for the symbols and fills are mostly CC3 and SS2, but the stairs you like i found online and tweaked them, made a transparent png in photoshop :) Thanks for the advice
  • Cool!, I can't wait to see what you've done to improve this. I always love seeing peoples improvements on maps. Good Luck :)
  • Great stuff!
  • Awesome battle map!...Great job!
  • Beautiful. Mind sharing how you did the paving stones overgrown with the grass/moss? That's a really neat effect.
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    Thanks all! I'm currently mapping out the lower levels!
    Posted By: LordEntrailsBeautiful. Mind sharing how you did the paving stones overgrown with the grass/moss? That's a really neat effect.
    The paving stones are the cobble bitmap from the SS2 set as is the background. They blend nicely...i didn't do much other than add an inner edge fade on the cobbles and maybe a bit of a transparency.
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