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Somehow, I never thought of mentioning this here before. Sorry.

When CSUAC owner Cecil Solomon took down his website in 2008, he authorized Jim Hale in the U.S. to run an official CSUAC website for Dundjinni, and he authorized us to run an official CSUAC site for Fractal Mapper 8. Shessar has done a good job of setting up installation packages that integrate the FM8 Version of the CSUAC into CC3+ and CC3, but there's really much, much more than that available.

After Cecil dropped out, Sendorian here in Germany was authorized by the Dundjinni symbol creators to continue Cecil's work with monthly archive extensions to expand the resources of the CSUAC. He did that from 2008 until 2013, when he vanished from our radar screens. His program, called Sendorian's Archives, is a much, much larger collection of symbols in a considerably wider variety than the CSUAC has.

Sendorian authorized the Dundjinni CSUAC provider, Jim Hale, to host the entire collection on his website, where they are available free for private and commercial use. One may not, however, redistribute Sendorian's archives or the individual symbols they contain. But their use in maps is free.

To get these symbols, go to:

*** Link now dead, removed ***

And then follow this path (below):

Files/Gaming/RPG/Dundjinni/Monthly Archives


Shortly after I made this posting, Daniel Pryor, an admin on the Dundjinni forums, opened up a new, additional authorized and official download site for Sendorian's archives. From my viewpoint, Daniel's site makes for more convenient downloading than the Jim Hale site I mentioned above. Go to:

These symbols do not have Shessar's great CSUAC packaging around them. They're simply PNG symbols. You'll have to make your own catalogs to contain them. But then, that's not difficult, and they'll reward you with a gold mine of raster mapping symbols.

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