Myrirandios, my revised version

I have revised my old world of Myirandios radically. First, I used the AE Hemisphere projection (not seen on your default projection menu, but in the FT folder). I attach the resulting climate and altitude files. I kept the buttons, but renamed and extended them to Race, Altitude, Tectonics (includes Winds and Currents), Climate, Minerals, Political after I exported the maps in FT to CC3.
I want to use this world as an exercise of going through each of the Annuals in turn (only 107 left !!) and so here is the first one, with the FT Climate Map in the Mercator border. And a pretty background, showing north and South poles to the left, and the Zodiac, stylised solar system and planet on the right - yes, Myirandios has three moons (red, black and white) and planetary rings.


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    Here is the Climate map from Fractal Terrains (AE hemisphere projection)
    As the maps all seem to be cut off at the bottom, I will be posting the links to them in Dropbox, including the hi-res ones.
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    Here is the Altitude Map. Note the Inland sea on the left (western) hemisphere, with an island in the middle. This is the region of the Klemtan Hegemony, with the capital on the tropical island of Klemtos. The rulers are black, and here, women are the dominant sex.
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    And finally the Mercator Map. Still some tweaking on altitude and Climate to go. Fell free to blast me with comments - I learn more from criticism than praise.
    Next, Annual Issue 2 - John Speed.
    Try the link above for a low res picture without the cut off, or this link for a 25 MB extravaganza
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    And here are enlargements of the Zodiac, Solar System and Planet with moons. First the Zodiac.
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    Now the stylised Solar system in concentric circles. Three Inner rocky planets (Myirandios is No 2, with three moons and planetary rings), an asteroid belt, two gas giants and a regular comet/dwarf planet with an irregular orbit.
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    The solar system looked at another way, more clearly showing the orbit of Elevantis. And finally the planet. Note that all the planets, the Sun and Myirandios's moons are named after the Gods (of whom there are 25 - but more later).
    and the Planet:
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    The small city of Alodosis, on the west coast of Klemtos and a trading centre throughout the north-western Menosiran Sea. Using the John Speed Style. Annual 3, here we come. An Inn on the road over the mountain passes between Alodosis and the capital of the Hegemony on the east coast, Jhelrosis.
    Again, here is the dropbox link,as the Map pic is truncated. As you may have noticed, I have also added the FCW's for those of you who REALLY want to do me in! :)
    img src=" (QW) John Speed City - Alodosis.PNG?dl=0" (The hi-res picture)
  • Again, the bottom quarter doesn't appear. Is it the same for all of you, or is it just my browser today?
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  • I have added a few symbols to the Speed annual - statues, pine trees, huts, hills and farmlands, a lighthouse, rocks, ships and a flag on the Keep and crosses on the Temple. Wish I had put an Inn or two on the map - ah well, just choose one for yourself.
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    Very frustrated with the bottom of my pics being cut off, despite turning off my antivirus and firewall.
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    Next the Crazy Camel Inn, based on the Inn fro the original Warhammer Book, using Annual No 2. Also to follow will be a Greek style residence with shops.
  • I am afraid you will all have to put up with cut off maps from me. I will post the FCW's where I can. VERY VERY UPSET.
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    It is very weird and sorry that I have no idea how to help.

    Have you considered using a Dropbox account (or other cloud storage) and inserting the map image with an img tag?

    It works like this (remove the spaces after and before the brackets):
    < img src="Link to the Image" >

  • Thanks Ralf, I'll try this. (later).
  • BTW, what do you mean by "Link to the Image"? Sorry for being dumb. I have put the files in dropbox.
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    You should have them somewhere in your "Public" folder, then right-click the file and choose "Copy Public Link". Paste that as the "Link to the Image".
  • Thanks, trying that now.
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    I have added the FCW's and Dropbox links to all but the main Mercator Map (since it is not yet finished). Hope this gets over the problem.
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    Did you create the landmasses in FT or did you convert a CC3 or CC2 file into a FT file, and then back again? I like FT, but I'd like some way to take my CC3 file and convert it to show terrains, climates, etc in FT.
  • I initially used FT. I had a good idea of what I wanted - at least 2 main continents, 1 in the east, 1 in the west. I wanted an inland sea in the larger one. I also wanted to use the AEHemispheres projection, so I didn't get overlap between the two main continents. I then fiddled a lot, and came up with result you see. I exported it to CC3. (and then opened it in CC3+). I did not export the Temperature or Rainfall contours, but did export the switch buttons, so as to use them later.
    I do not know how to satisfactorily export CC3 to FT - wish I could, but there it is.
  • Well, first let me say... WOW. That is some great work, as well as a lot of work. I have a couple of questions for you related to FT3:

    Where is the file for the AE Hemisphere projection kept? I couldn't find it on searching.

    What settings did you use to create your world? I rarely get satisfactory continents. They're too often ribbon-like and the mountains are dead in the middle.

    Harn fan? I saw the entry for "Hospice of Save K'nor" on the town map. :)

    Again, great work. I'm anxious to see more.
  • Here is the projection.txt file which you put in the main FT directory (mine is in Program Files (x86)/ProFantasy/FT3) I did this and the projections appeared on my Projection menu. Perhaps Joe Layton can help here.
  • And yes, I am a Harn fan. The settings I use are in the word file attached (though I used fmB with Perlin's improved noise for Myirandios). If you like, you can also Make the Land size smaller, giving fewer, but bigger continents.
  • Bravo. These are fantastic! I really love the 2 hemisphere finished map with the fancy borders and text. Very well done!!
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    The pictures along the top border of the main map are of the 25 Gods of Myirandios, whom I later hope to illustrate with Character Artist 3 soon.
    They are divided into 3 factions, Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic, but with heaps of overlap. Evil and Good are more due to the intents and actions of the individuals or certain sects.

    Deraitha kol Renfrethan (the Bright Realms):

    Eokhraid’he the Sun Lord light
    Muirkaithe the Wife water
    Rofreith the Bright earth
    Aiobheal the Strong fire
    Lantairè the Mystic air

    Dasilena, Maid of Chivalry light
    Eona the Redeemer water
    Vanilhal the Just Guardian of the Gates earth
    Abarichien the Hero fire
    Elevantal the Dreamer air

    Palasha sig Kaliria (the Meadows of Tanelorn):

    Mabrij’heda the Mother earth
    Savè’Dor the Wise light & dark
    Shalené the Beautiful water
    Kernoninil the Horned One fire
    Vakralath the Uncaring Singer air

    Tlasoria Gnarich (the Shadowed Land):

    Sasanakh the Cold air
    Tineblasrol the Dark dark
    Gringroth the Mad fire
    Dalimishta the Whore water
    Sak’gha the Hideous Worm earth

    Agrivilma the Liar air
    Jeguntish the Faithless Skull-Lord dark
    Lok’hiteng the Destroyer fire
    Solovay the Slayer water
    Nagakht the Cruel earth
  • Pretty nice work! However, I noticed some things in the John Speed style city map that look a little off.

    Straight up and slightly to the left of "C" there are two or three houses that look like they are sitting on top of other houses. It looks like maybe the object order got mixed up, and some of those should be below the others?

    There's a similar issue with one house diagonally up and right from A (quite close to it).

    And there is also an issue with some of the houses on the lower side of the top street. First there are two houses diagonally up and right from D that are beneath the houses across the street, and there is a similar issue with the houses in the upper left corner of the map.
  • Thanks Nagorak. This is just the sort of feedback I need, and I will fix them. Again, thanks.
  • Glad I could help.

    I noticed one more issue with the house directly next to the eastern gate.

    From a basic design standpoint, it looks like there is room for one more house next to the western gate. It looks like it would fit in the open area north of the road (maybe it was omitted for artistic reasons?).

    My only other thought is from a defensive standpoint, I wonder if it wouldn't make sense for there to be a wall in the southern part of the city, with the harbor area then being outside the wall (two or three gates leading into the city proper). But that's just a thought, which by all means you're free to ignore.

    Did you find it hard to work with the John Speed style? I really like the "ye olde school" look of it, and have been thinking of purchasing the first annual that has it, myself, but haven't yet done so.
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