Myrirandios, my revised version

I have revised my old world of Myirandios radically. First, I used the AE Hemisphere projection (not seen on your default projection menu, but in the FT folder). I attach the resulting climate and altitude files. I kept the buttons, but renamed and extended them to Race, Altitude, Tectonics (includes Winds and Currents), Climate, Minerals, Political after I exported the maps in FT to CC3.
I want to use this world as an exercise of going through each of the Annuals in turn (only 107 left !!) and so here is the first one, with the FT Climate Map in the Mercator border. And a pretty background, showing north and South poles to the left, and the Zodiac, stylised solar system and planet on the right - yes, Myirandios has three moons (red, black and white) and planetary rings.


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