Map of programming project


last week I created a map for the current project I'm working at for my employer.
It was intended to be an excercice for CC3+.
Because everyone liked the idea and we had very funny discussions. At once everyone hat something in common and was interested in the tasks of others.
Maybe this could be an idea for others having a project where not everyone works together with others.

The map is in German, sorry for not translating it for the forum.


  • Cool stuff!

    I just have to wonder, should your company's information be displayed on an open forum?
  • No problem, the map doesn't contain any workflows or business secrets.
  • DogtagDogtag Traveler Moderator, Betatester
    This is really nice. A fun way to depict the project! A lot of the meaning comes through, even without translating it. In fact, having it in a foreign language (foreign to me) gives it a particular character. I'm able to understand just enough to give it meaning.

    Thanks for sharing,
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