I use a game system that measures things in hexes, which is convenient.

Now I was wondering if I could use CC2 to create maps with a specific number of hexes in them. In other words, would it be possible to make an outline of something, then have CC2 scale the hexes to a general number fit in the outline? I kinda doubt it but wanted to ask anyway.


  • It would depend on the scale of the hexes.

    If you made the spacing 100 instead of the default 10, there are fewer hexes.

    You can select a start location onthe map, then the opposite corner.
  • Well, I was thinking of an irregular outline, like a snip map, I was hoping, but not expecting, for there to be a way to make an outline then define how many hexes would be in it and have the program adjust the hexes by itself.

    I know it was a lot to ask for.....
  • Square map only.

    Hmm... You could locate or create hexes of the scale you need. Then place therm on the irregular map.
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    You could create a PNG with your hexes, and import it as a fill at the scale you want.
    Then create a poly using that fill style - it can be any shape you want.
    If the PNG has a transparent background, you'll be able to put this in front of your map.
  • OK, thanks.
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