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WFRP Maps - Through the Drakwald / Ashes of Middenheim

I used these for Warhammer Fantasy Role Play (2nd Edition) adventures
Through the Drakwald
Ashes of Middenheim




  • Ooh, I smell an ambush scene in the second pic! Very nice :)
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer Administrator
    Very nice maps, but you seem to have a resolution problem with the rocks/cliffs in the bottom image, which does detract a bit from the overall feel.
    I remember GM'ing those adventures some years back. Haven't played WFRP 2nd in a few years now, but I do like both the rules and setting.
  • Yeah, these stones are ruins from the Csuac, so the size is really nig, hence the resolution trouble.
    It also creates that shadow artefact where you can go down to the forest level.
    The tracks are also too dark in the lower map.
    I am not happy with those bluish barren trees.
    Finally I had to scratch several Blur and Edge Fade, Inner effect as my computer just could not cope with the calculations. Takes 5min sometimes. A true pain. My computer really is not THAT old, I thought....
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