Batiskakna & Allhardrland

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This is Batiskakna and the Allhardrland.
This region is east of Vagoth and north of Vangar.
These two lands could not be farther apart culturally.
Batiskakna is the home of Vagothian allies, the dwarven folk known as the Sellevolk.
Allhardrland is the homeland of the Vigaferli, the man slaughterers.


  • The upper valley is home to a dwarven colony.
    They belong to the clans of the Sellevolk who dwell in the Northern Meginland south of Sutheimr.
    It is not known if they are actually connected to the surviving colonies in Sutheimr through underground passages or not.
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    The mountain city of the dwarves is named Batiskakna, the Western Gate.
    It is ruled by King Mac Mirza.
    Many Vagothian Kings and Jarls have visited the great city of the dwarves.
    Mac Mirza is known for his great feasts and the magical goblet made of gold that is never empty of dwarven ale.
    There is a great amount of trade between the dwarves and the Vagothian Kingdoms and the dwarves are staunch allies of the Vagothians.
    Indeed, a small contingent of Vangarians serve as part of the defense of Batiskakna.
    The strength of the dwarf host is unknown, but all of the reports record a large underground city where not a single dwarf goes unarmed.
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    Jarl Dvegrvinatta and his people have sworn an oath of fealty to King Mac Mirza.
    His people dwell within two fortified settlements on either side of the valley’s river.
    He has added many Vangarian mercenaries to his fylking, for the dwarves pay very well.
    308 souls inhabit these two settlements with 158 being warriors.
    Each of his warriors are armored in the dwarven style and are armed with a hand axe, short sword, and a dwarven style two handed battle axe.
    Dwarven watch towers flank the settlements on either side.
    Jarl Dvegrvinatta has made a lot of money as the intermediary of goods between Batiskakna and the rest of the Vagothian Kingdoms.
    His strongholds and fylking is collectively known as the Vangarsaqsi, the Vangarian Guard.
  • The Allhardrland is a most dangerous place, for the Vigaferli are large in number and hunt within these valleys.
    The Kaldrkjarr is also known for trolls which the Vigaferli avoid.
    The Vigaferli are known by the dwarves as the Atlern.
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    No man or dwarf has ever stepped foot into this valley.
    But the dwarves monitor it from secret lookouts in the mountains above.
    Hand built caverns line both sides of this small valley; each built by the Vigaferli.
    Nobody knows why they are massing here, for they usually dwell in small isolated villages throughout Sutheimr.
    They have been slowly building up over the last 100 years or so.
    The Vigaferli are an old race and have been here longer than any of the fairy folk.
    And the fairy folk have been here since the 2nd Shedim War; 1,700 years ago.
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    Many brave souls have traveled into the Allhardrland seeking adventure, and most never return.
    But those that have, tell of the Kalladalr.
    It too, is inhabited by the Vigaferli; but in smaller numbers.
    Usually, the Vigaferli move silently and attack with surprise while leaving no sign of their passage in the snow.
    But within this valley, they move more openly and often call out to each other.
    The sound travels over a great distance.
    The Vigaferli are fierce horned beasts that are as powerful as five warriors; their call should instill dread.
    But, those who have returned from the Kalladalr speak well of this place.
    As dangerous as it is, the varying tones of their calls echoing across the valley are described as haunting, but beautiful.
  • The Kaldrkjarr is the only place within the Allhardrland were no Vigaferli go.
    For trolls love the cold swamps of Sutheimr.
    As such, fairy folk and men tend to avoid it as well.
    Unless of course, the Vigaferli have their scent; then it is a haven of sorts.
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