Ethacia, hex map work in progress

A new hex map that's a work in progress...the setting is the relatively newly discovered continent of Ethacia for a Fate flintlock fantasy game that also includes the Razor Coast setting from Frog God Games. It is going to have a very "New World" feel to it, just beginning to be colonized and explored, much to the chagrin of the natives. I'm going to continue on with the Caribbean feel mixed with the Polynesian culture along the Razor Coast area but will be adding in some other real world cultural analogues that aren't well represented in settings...Pacific Northwest tribes around the Nakoa Gulf area among them. I'll probably also add a Celtic influenced area because...well, I just like it! :-)

For this large regional map I've only gone with four types of "base" terrain so far, I will break these out further for local maps.

• PLAINS which includes grasslands, scrub, marsh, farmland and other mostly open type lands.
• FOREST which includes both deciduous and evergreen.
• MOUNTAINS which will include volcanoes, plateaus, etc.
• HILLS which will also include other types of rocky or broken ground and will have trees and other types of terrain as well.

On this example I have chosen to have the hex grid overlay on the ocean but not on the landmasses. Feedback appreciated.


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