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Hi there!

I've been using ProFantasy Products since the release of CC3 and use them if I need to make quick and good-looking maps for the sporadic DnD-Sessions I host. Actually, the ProFantasy products spurred me to try and make maps as individual as I could and even to start and try to make my own symbols (some kind of creative kickstart, if you will).

Not only because I got some great inspirations from this forum and its users, I thought I might share the one or other map (or maybe self-created symbol) with you guys. The following map was not created with CC3/DD3, but with Photoshop CS6 (that's what I'm using when I've got time). I'm quite pleased with it myself, but I think it's still too "clean", for example lacking in detail like debris, tools of daily trade, etc. Input would be greatly appreciated.

So thanks for reading/beholding and - yaaay - my first post in these forums.


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