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I've been using ProFantasy Products since the release of CC3 and use them if I need to make quick and good-looking maps for the sporadic DnD-Sessions I host. Actually, the ProFantasy products spurred me to try and make maps as individual as I could and even to start and try to make my own symbols (some kind of creative kickstart, if you will).

Not only because I got some great inspirations from this forum and its users, I thought I might share the one or other map (or maybe self-created symbol) with you guys. The following map was not created with CC3/DD3, but with Photoshop CS6 (that's what I'm using when I've got time). I'm quite pleased with it myself, but I think it's still too "clean", for example lacking in detail like debris, tools of daily trade, etc. Input would be greatly appreciated.

So thanks for reading/beholding and - yaaay - my first post in these forums.


  • Really nice map! I feel like I want to live there. :)
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    I love several aspects of this map.

    The wooden towers and simple palisade are real nice and fits with a small village.
    The nice blend between the grassy areas and the worn paths.
    And finally, the use of shadow to create high ground within the village.

    The only thing that creates an unease are the trees.
    They just are not reading as trees to me.
    More like floating green sponges.
    I cannot put my finger on it specifically but maybe it is the texture, or maybe it is the fact that they look sort of flat on top.
    They are also the exact same color as the grass.
    They just don't read "Tree" to me.

    Great job though - it is a lot better than what I can do! Ha, ha!
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    I think the main problem is that the trees are almost the same color as the turf. They would "read" better as a darker green IMO.

    This is a great map overall. It definitely serves its purpose. I don't know that you should clutter it with a lot of tools and debris; that might be gilding the lily.
  • This is a very nice start. It makes me think of a small village in WFRP's "Old World" setting, just waiting for the Witch Hunter to show up. :)

    I agree with the others about the trees perhaps needing to be a darker color, but, overall, the map seems a bit dark to me. Could just be me though.

    I like the border, too!
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    Thanks a lot for your comments. I tried to round out and color the trees more as you guys suggested, and I think it gives a friendlier touch to the map. That the map seems "a bit dark" in general is by choice - it's a dangerous DnD-world out there :-D

    PS: if you want I can share the self-created Building-Symbols (as .png) - I just don't really know how
  • The trees do look quite a bit better. :)
  • Wow!

    It is amazing what just a few changes can do.

    Great job!
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  • The Brewstown Inn has opened ...
  • Very nice! Are we seeing the top of logs for the walls, or barrels? (Being a brew-town...)
  • Looks good! Just nitpicking but since the shadow of the tree seems a little bit more elongated than the wall shadows, perhaps either shorten the tree shadow or lengthen the wall shadows?

    I'd love to go drinking in that inn :)
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    Thanks guys.

    The walls are supposed to be made of logs, but i'm not really happy with the result (too big in relation, too not-loglike looking, etc.). A barrel-wall is an interesting idea though ...

    Great Tip with the shadows. The tree is actually meant to be somewhat higher than the house (since the latter only has one floor), but i'd still have to model the shadow matching to the rooftop, I guess.
  • The problem I think that the walls have is that the log home wall that I have seen are built with the logs being placed horizontally instead of vertically as show in the map.
    Other than the walls, this looks great!
  • Thanks!
    Yeah, I'll probably try to change the wall sometimes to resemble horizontal logs ... but don't know yet how - other to draw them one by one, but I'm quite too lazy for that at the moment ;-)
  • Horizontal log structures are more common, but vertical log buildings are definitely a real thing. Google "vertical log cabin" as an image search and you'll see numerous examples.

    Personally, I would go with the vertical logs precisely because they're less common in the real world. It makes the whole thing feel more fantastical. Just my opinion!
  • Good point - I'll think about it :-D
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