Conceptual floorplan for character's home

Been working on this for a while and I've pasted the two floors into one image. Would like your comments, bearing in mind that it is simply for my use in writing my novel.


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    Generally, it looks good, but there are a few oddities, especially in the left image
    - It's really difficult to get into the garage when there is a car there, given the position of the door/car
    - That corner in the corridor between the kitchen/living room looks awfully narrow, especially considering the width of the rest of the corridor.
    - That flower stand thingy looks a bit big for that corridor, and it looks like it almost blocks the door to the dining room. Would look much better if it was smaller
    - The stairs are about as wide as a chair, that's pretty narrow for stairs. How did they get that bathtub up there?
    - The checkerboard pattern along the edges of the corridor confuses the image a bit, it is difficult to see the actual wall at the edge. Should probably be a bit lighter to better contrast with the wall.
    - Is that white item in the bottom right of the kitchen (refrigerator?) sticking out beyond the wall and into the corridor?
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    Posted By: MonsenGenerally, it looks good, but there are a few oddities,
    All good points ... but strangest of all is a dining room that's an inner sanctum, with no outside wall and therefore no windows. I've seen a few inner sanctums already, but never one that was a dining room.
  • MonsenMonsen Administrator 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer
    Posted By: Vintyriwith no outside wall and therefore no windows
    This can actually be easily fixed by extending the dining room in under the rising stairs. It won't be a full-height roof there, but it would allow for a window, and the shelving could actually also be under the stairs, allowing for a slightly larger room. Of course, while this is easy in a real house, it is somewhat difficult to showcase properly on a floorplan map like this.
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  • HelenAAHelenAA Traveler
    I've reworked the floor, still keeping the inner sanctum asit is more or less, though the size of the 'canvas' was shrunk on purpose.

    Picking up up on comments:
    Posted By: Monsen
    Generally, it looks good, but there are a few oddities, especially in the left image

    I've refloored the hall,and the larder [that thing that stuck out of the kitchen] is fully in the kitchen.
  • The second floor bathrooms are a plumbers nightmare that will require multiple soil stacks which look like they will flow down through the middle of the living room.

    Most houses have what is known as a wet wall and while a bathroom may have several, yours has plumbing running throughout the front of the house. The rear kitchen and baths look OK. In northern climates wet walls tend to be interior walls to prevent frozen pipes. This isn't always the case in older construction.

    "A wet wall is a structural wall designed to house plumbing pipes for fixtures like sinks, dishwashers, and toilets. Running plumbing fixtures through the wall tends to be expensive, and consolidating them in a single wet wall can increase efficiency, cut down on building costs, and make it easier to repair plumbing problems in the future, as only one wall needs to be accessed. In new home design, architects and contractors may think ahead of time when it comes to fixture placement so they can use a single wet wall for shared fixtures."

    I also find it odd to have a double master suite in such a small house but that is just my opinion. :)
  • HelenAAHelenAA Traveler
    Shessar, the image above your post is just the ground floor! :) I'm working on redrawing the first floor right now.

    I've got to work it somehow that the plumbing stays on the same side of the house for exactly the reason you quoted very helpfully as it's just chucked out my planned layout. LOL :D
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