Ongoing struggle with FT and some Suggestions for FT

Hi all,

I've been working with FT and have been able to get pretty good results in most respects, but I cannot resolve one issue I am having.
I've even tried writing some scripts to deal with the problem, but still can't get it licked.

Let me describe the problem I want to solve, in case there is a better way to approach it that I haven't thought of.

In general, I can make pretty fair maps that export to CC3 well - until I come to wanting the contours.

In all cases, FT produces land masses that don't rise gently from the ocean, but rather the land leaps up but ten or hundreds of meters. Even with lots of processing, you still wind up with coasts that leap from the depths. Now this would be fine, if it were occasional or if there was a way to proportion it out - but virtually all of the coastline is like this. Not very realistic and when you look at the contours it becomes even more ridiculous.

So here is the question, how do you create landmasses or areas on land that look more like Florida and other low-lying areas that are mostly only a few 10s of meters above sea-level?

In addition, how does one create the equivalent of the great western plains (or any planes of steppes?). Related to this, I have been trying to use the freehand selection to work within areas to give a land-mass different amounts of roughness based on region. But it doesn't look very good.

Why does lower roughness always seem to create divots in the landscape. My expectation is that lower roughness should look at the existing topography, determine an average (of whatever parameter) and then a scale factor and then use these to "paint" a new, moderated landscape - BUT it should never give a result outside of the original Max/Min of the starting values.



Other comments/questions:

Is there a repository of FT scripts anywhere that I can a) contribute to and b) learn from?

Things that FT needs:

A median filter for dealing with all types of attributes, but especially noise, offset and roughness. I do imaging as my career and there are many, many imaging tools that could be added to FT that would make producing better maps much easier.

A way to input rough percentages of mountains, plains, etc.

A way to indicate wether mountains should be located along the edges of continental shelves, or smack dab in the middle (like they all are now).
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