YAFM - Yet Another First Map. :)

This is pretty much amateur hour but it's the first map I've felt confident in since I got CC3+ a month ago or so. It's based on a hand drawn map for a D&D Expeditions adventure, Eye of the Tempest, showing the Road to the Monastery of the Yellow Rose.

My first attempt was with the Mike Schley Overland style which I love. It was pretty simplistic as I was learning the tools and I added the text in a rush 10 minutes before the game started! Here's that icky version:


Then the other day I picked up the Annual 2015 and that included the "Local Area" style which I fell in love with! So simple yet beautiful. So here's my redone map in that style:


I still need to work a lot on blending mountains and hills as well as contours and backgrounds. At the last moment before I had to leave work (yay for mapping at work!) I decided to add in the Contour 3 in the northern parts of the map. This forced me to figure out how to change the background since I'd started with that as the base. I'm still having a very hard time selecting just the items I need but I managed it. My proudest part of it I think is the village of Tomrav, how I used one symbol three times but by layering and positioning you can't really tell. :)


  • I like the way the road goes through the mountain! I think that mountain needs to look a bit more 3-dish tho. Something on the backside, maybe.
  • I like them both, great first maps. And, curse you, that second one has me seriously considering getting the 2015 annual. I agree with seycyrus about that one mountain (with the tunnel) needing some depth. And it took me a bit to figure what you had done, but that is a clever repeated use of that one symbol in Tomrav. :)
  • Maps don't have to be big or complicated to be great - you did a fantastic job!

    I in particular, love the second map using the local area style.

    Looking forward to seeing more.

    If you accidently select the wrong item, or more than one item on accident, you can deselect the undesired items by selecting it while holding down the CTRL button.

    I am working on a lot smaller scale with lots of objects and being able to deselect undesirable items has been a godsend.

    This is a great feature within CC3+.

    Charles W. Robinson
  • Yeah, the Local Area style looks really nice. It's a welcomed addition to this year's annual, and I love what you've done with it!

    I play D&D, and I think you've done a great job with this map. Even the hastily arranged Schley version is good!

    Well done

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    I did a few articles on my blog about Select Techniques that you might find helpful. Here are the links:

    Basic Select Techniques, Part 1
    Basic Select Techniques, Part 2

    Hope these help!

    R A Jacobs
  • Absolutely fantastic blog and very helpful R A, thanks so much! Your world generation resources kept me up way too late last night.
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