Mucking about with CC3+ & DD3

Well, I got the upgrade today at Gen Con, and so far have been very impressed. Very speedy, lots of good effects, and fun to play around with!

I got an idea yesterday that I put to good use today, and while I still need to toy around with the settings, I'm pretty happy with the results thus far and wanted to share. The dungeon I'm designing has a sort of natural cavern that has been made into a makeshift arboretum/greenhouse with sunlight drifting in from a grate far overhead. When I first designed it, I wasn't figuring on even displaying the grate, just dealing with it in the room description. But then the 3D artist in me started seeing if we could muck around. After all, there are lighting techniques for glows and torchlight, right?

Long story short, I created a new sheet called Lighting-Windows, made it transparent (about 50ish percent) and added an inner edge blend to soften the edges, then created a polygon (I was going to trace the ground, but I spaced it and forgot what tool gives me trace ability, so I roughed it) to that sheet, found a black and white light gel to use as an alpha transparency, applied that as a bitmap fill to the polygon and colored it solid light yellow. The end result is what you see below, for better or worse!


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