Fractal Terrain WIP

My first attempt at a world using Fractal Terrain. The map is on the "Gaia" setting, and I kinda like the results except for the oceans. The font is "Crom" to give it a sword & sorcery feel. Feedback welcome.


  • That is fantastic! And I really like the oceans.
  • Nicely done! What settings did you use? When I create worlds with FT3, I seem to always wind up with north-south ribbon "mega-continents" that don't look right.
  • ModricModric Traveler
    I used a larger continent size and between 55-60% water. I get alot of those "ribbon" maps too!
  • I suggest one random seed, then try different land mass sizes and different percentage of ocean. Write it down or make a spreadsheet.

    Keep track of the land mass and ocean percentage that gives you the continent/islands ratio you want.

    Here is my Traveller site, about 524 FT3 planets. Different ocean and land mass sizes. Some dy planets, some mostly ocean planets.

    I haven't found my written notes, so I don't know what settings I used.
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