First CC3+ Map -- RPG map

So I made this map a few months ago right after I purchased CC3+ and have been using it for a weekly Pathfinder game I run. I just started back into drawing some more maps for the game, and I thought I would share my first real effort. Comments are welcome, thanks!


  • This is very nice. I can only hope my first looks nearly as good -- if I ever have time to get back to it. I especially your use of mountains and hills and the layout of the "Free Kingdoms." One suggestion: the color of your rivers seems out of place - too strong for the surrounding softer colors, and the glow seems a bit strong. The Schley style, which I think is what you used here (?), has a river color that fits better.

    Great job overall, though!
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    Very nice map! It is well thought out and executed. I like the little things that you added like the cattle.

    My only suggestion is that you may try Fractalising the coast of your islands so they look a little more realistic and not so angular.

    Fractalise button in on the left side and has a straight up and down line with a crooked line beside it.

    Here is a basic island.

    I did a real basic shape, but I then use the Fractilise button on the coast three times.

    It gives you a more organic/natural shape to the island.

    It is just a suggestion, you have a great map!

    Charles W. Robinson
  • Ooh, I didn't notice the cattle. Nice touch!
  • Thanks for the comments and suggestions!

    I agree with the river colors, had some trouble with them.

    I will try out fractalizing too, great suggestion :)
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