John Speed City Problems

I'm currently working on a John Speed City and I'm having some problems. The roads will not go under the walls even if I send them to back or the walls to the front. Does anyone have any suggestions on why this is happening?


  • Maybe you have some sheets problem. Even if you send entities to the back of others, if they are not on the same sheet, you will get strange results. Maybe that is what is happening.

  • Absolutely, if the sheet that contains the roads is below the sheet that contains the walls (as you look at the order of sheets from top to bottom) your roads will always appear on top of your walls.

    Think of sheets as transparent overlays for an overhead projector. The COMMON sheet is right at the projector light and will be drawn first. The sheets are drawn in the order in which they are listed. The ones closer to the top of the sheets list are nearer to the projector light (bottom)and will be below those closer to the end of the list (farther from the projector light).

    It's a little confusing until you get used to it.
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    Ok I figured out the problem. I did not have the layer "Roads" assigned to any sheet at all. So problem fixed and thankyou to all of you. If I have any more problems with the John Speed map I will continue to use this thread.
  • Glad i could help and i'll keep an eye on futur inquiries :)

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