[DESPERTAR DOS ANTIGOS] Orange House: Abandonated Military Base

Here is the final version of the map (I forgot to post it in the Show and Tell).

It was done using CC3+, my personal colection of symbols and textures, and a litle bit of GIMP for the metal parts and the compass.

Full Resolution here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxUNVPKtxrHsRHJkZm9pSGlaUjQ/view?usp=sharing

It is for my setting "Despertar dos Antigos" (Aweakenig of the Ancients) a modern Monster Hunters (GURPS 4th) game inspired by the Blade films, Buffy and Supernatural.

The backgorund that the players have is this one:

"ORANGE HOUSE: It is a complex located 13km from the center of the municipality of Joana José, in the direction of the Chapada do Araripe. It is actualy a disused military base and not a simple house as the popular name makes believe. Worked officially as a center of training of the Cerrado Operations from the Brazilian Army since 1953, the year of its opening until 1985, the year of his retirement. However, there is strong evidence (all muffled by local authorities) that it functioned as a "torture basement" of DOPS, commanded by the, then military, Colonel Manoel Mendonca Fontana. In 2013, an attempt by IPHAN to transform the Orange House in a humanity patrimony, in order to preserve a possible archaeological site 15-20 thousand years old in the complex, was shelved by Raimundo Mendonça Fontana, a Judge responsible for the Federal Court of the 1st Region. There are evidence that the human bones that IPHAN wanted to preserve were already known by the command of the Orange House since the 1970s."


  • This is really a beautiful piece of work.
  • Posted By: BarlimanThis is really a beautiful piece of work.
    Thank you for your kind words Barliman.
  • AEIOUAEIOU Newcomer
    I love the compass, but because it's a 3D image, I presume it's sitting on top and is strictly decorative? I ask because it's not "part of the map" but rather, it's part of the image, so is it safe to presume that north is the top of the map like almost all modern maps even though the compass shows otherwise? There's not a compass legend on the map that would dictate otherwise....

    Wonderful map that really shows how black-and-white can be very evocative and descriptive. Thank you for the inspiration!
  • Thank you AEIOU. Actually my intention is that the compass show the North in the map AND that it looks as not part of the map. Like someone put in above it to see the map.
  • AEIOUAEIOU Newcomer
    I'd add a line with N on it then for orienting the map properly under/near the compass then. Right now, I'd be confused as a player since north in modern maps is almost always the top of the sheet unless it's denoted otherwise. But I'd probably be the only one at the table confused.... :)

    Since this is a military-ish map, you may wish to add standard deviation to give it a real world map flare which could identify the N on your map. It doesn't add anything except flavor but it's a nice detail. Here in California, I know that when I use a compass, it points to magnetic north which is 13° off from true north and I need to adjust my map orientations accordingly when hiking. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_declination has a reasonable article if you're interested.
  • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker
    Very cool map, nice to see Pär's style in action. Thanks for sharing!
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