Eastern Parmencia

Hello all. So this is my first expansion map to my previous thread, Mahdran & Parmencia. This is the mystical eastern portion of Parmencia. The expansion is called, "Beyond the Attican Wall". It's still a bit "patchy" but yet again it's designed that way to showcase the different "zones". Hence this world map is for a mmorpg :). I hope you like it!



  • Very interesing map =)
  • I am not really sure why my map thumbnail is massive. I put in the right code.
  • seycyrusseycyrus Traveler
    Well, your map is 7500 x 3500 pixels.

    I've seen many a huge map in the last year or so. Before then they always seemed to be more viewable.
  • It could be too big for the forum software.
  • Sorry I know many people don't like it to be viewed this large. I compared code from my last post and its the same but not working. My last thread was the exact same image size and i was able to make it a thumbnail here. This is why I hate coding :( Same code, it works one time and doesn't do it the next time.

    Any thoughts on the map? Would be nice to see what you do or don't like about it.
  • There are a lot of caves! Thats bonus from having a large map. :)

    I'm assuming the Attican wall is west of Parameres March? If so you may want to add an "arrow" and some text indicating an off map feature.
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    Hi FarsightX3, if you want to make a thumbnail, you need to make sure that the image tag you use in the forum actually points to a thumbnail of your map, your tag points to the map itself.

    If you look at the link/image you posted, there are two links in there:

    <a href="http://picturepush.com/public/14642767">
    <img src="http://www4.picturepush.com/photo/a/14642767/img/Maps/East-Parmencia.jpg"; border="0" alt="14642767/img/Maps/East-Parmencia.jpg" />

    The first one (red) is the link where people are sent when they click the image. That one should point to the actual image.
    The second one (blue) is the image that will be loaded and displayed in your forum post. This should point to a thumbnail image, but your link here actually point to the full image instead. Try visiting http://www4.picturepush.com/photo/a/14642767/img/Maps/East-Parmencia.jpg and you can clearly see for yourself. You should change this to point to the URL of an actual thumbnail image.

    Otherwise, a nice map. It seems like you spend a lot of time placing symbols, which makes it look very nice.
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