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I would like to have some comments on my new map. Many details are still missing, but I think it is a good start.
Amguen opmen is the desert land in Asmô country where my book takes place.

Thank you.

Amguen opmen photo Amguen opmen_zpsgvkdvcvs.jpg


  • Very nice work! Where did you get the compass symbol in the lower left?
  • It is a self-made symbole. A compass with three directions in a world directed by the number 3 ! The letters are from their alphabet named asmopil.
    And thank you. What do you think I can improve ?
  • I'm only a beginner, myself, but (to me) the five areas of hill country in the north seem a bit too symmetrical (like the pips on the five-face of a d6) and the edges of the forest of Tchare are too even. One to three individual trees added each to the west, east, and south sides should help. BUt these are minor quibbles in what is a really nice effort.
  • GatharGathar Traveler
    I really like this map. the textures and colours look really soft and nice.
    Some small elements are however disturbing me:
    - I don't understand why the desert is a desert. It's surrounded by fertile land in all directions, and I don't see what natural feature prevents the water from propagating inside.
    - You have several cities that are just on the map border. Usually, when you make a map, cities are a major point of interest for the map users. So I believe that if a city is naturally placed right on the map border, the map maker would probably change something to make the city appear in full (change the scale, add a side paper attached to the main paper, just lie about the city position...)
    - The trees at the bottom stop a little bit too abruptly. I think it would be better if they continued and were split by the map border (just the opposite of my previous advice). This effect is also strong on the bottom right.
  • Thank you for your comments. I changed a lot of small things. The most visible is the fade on the provinces surrounding "Amguen Opmen", because it is a map of this one.

    @Barliman: I changed the hills at the top to be less symetrical because you're right !
    For Tcharé, the edges of the forest are even on purpose. There is a geological reason for that, but I can't tell it here. Sorry. This is the same reason why the desert is a desert and why frontiers are so abrupt.

    @Gathar : the desert is a desert because no water is inside it. If there was no rivers outside it, it wouldn't be as fertile as it is. Maybe it is exagerated, but ... We'll see.
    This map is also a regional map centered on the province of "Amguen Opmen". So, it is cut to fit the province. In this context, do you still believe I muste change the map borders ?
    Finally, I changed trees at the bottom like you said. Thank you.

    photo Amguen opmen3_zpsvgtzacyd.jpg
  • Nice work astrayel1

    Where did you get the field symbols? I've seen these before.
  • Field symbol is a part of Mike Schley style which comes with CC3+.
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    Some more changes. Tell me if it's better.

    photo Amguen opmen 6_zpslrm4kflz.jpg
  • A very pleasant map but personnaly I prefer the vivid forests of the first version. On the last version, the jungle trees of Tcharé have almost the same color as the dulled trees from the other forest. Borders could alternativly be marked by dashed lines?

    The drop shadow of the small text disappeared. Is it on purpose? I would consider keeping consistency, even adding the effect to the compass and the nice logo bottom right, even to the scale bar perhaps.
  • @Joachim de Ravenbel
    Thanx for your comments. You're right, the trees of Tcharé should'nt have the same color as the others. By the way, maybe tree colors are too close. I will try to mark borders differently.
    For the small texts, I wanted to have differences between land names and cities. Maybe it is a bad idea. I'll make a new try.
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    On tree colors. I find using vari-color symbols can help with that. I made some Yalk Tree for Crestar. They have light gray leaves. I don't remember if varicolor trees are available in CC3+ yet or not. I made the map in CC3.

    I'll see if I can find the old map I did that on.

    The trees are on the left side of the map. The triangles is a symbol I created to show migration paths.
    eo.PNG 129.1K
  • Posted By: JimPI don't remember if varicolor trees are available in CC3+ yet or not
    They are. If you scroll down the Vegetation Catalog in the Mike Schley style you'll see all the varicolor trees. This means you can change their color by just changing the CC3+ current color.
  • Varicolor tree actually exist in Mike Schley style. I didn't use it for my map, but I will take a look to make variations in the forest. I'll post a new picture when it's done. I will also try another style of frontier becausethis one seems to be a little bit disapointing.

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    I made some little modifications but I didn't try varicolor yet.

    photo Amguen opmen 9_zpsgb7wixj5.png
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