Dungeon Designer - How to print 1 inch grid? Color grid line?

I am still quite new to DD3 and can't figure out the following:

1) I would like to print my grid to be exactly 1 inch sqaures. (To be used as a battlemap). Any suggestions on how to do this?

2) Can my printed map gridlines be a color other than black?



  • I can't say for sure but if I remember correctly you can enter the value -> 1'-0" <- directly in the Print dialog, Scaling Fit to Page setting.
  • To print a map to the correct scale' you would enter that information on the "Scaling" area of the print dialog. You will enter the paper distance first, in your case 1 inch and then the distance for each 1 inch on the real map. If you are using this for a Battlemap that distance will usually be 5 feet.

    To change the color of your grid hide every sheet except for Grid, then select Change Color and select the grid from the sheet. You might have to unfreeze the HEX/SQUARE GRID layer to do this.
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  • This program interests me highly and I might just get it. However I was wondering if you can create a whole dungeon and then just print out seperate pieces of area for each encounter (in scale 1 inch = 5 ft. ). I'm not talking about printing the whole map on many page's but to print one area right on scale.

    Also when I would chose that area is there any help for me how big this is so I can easily seperate an area too big for one page into 2-3 pages?
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    Yes. In CC3, you can print the current view, without needing to print the entire map. This way, you can print the entire map as a dungeon map, and separate zoomed-in sections as battlemaps. You can select the print scale for each printing.

    For the second part, you will need to do some manual calculation. CC3 includes a distance tool, which helps you measure distances. If you print 5ft = 1in, you know that a standard A4-sized sheet of paper should be able to hold about 40ft x 55ft of map.
    The print preview window can also be of some help here.
  • This is great, I'm definetly getting it.
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