Great Hospice of Shallya

Seeing the excellent maps found here I do have qualms to submit my own meagre example.
On the other hand, I thought: so what ?

So, I present you with my version of "The Great Hospice of Shallya", which happens to be located near Frederheim in the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy Role Play.
These are png-files only.


Staff Building/Stable, Ground Floor

Staff Building/Stable, First Floor

Staff Building/Stable, Basement

Sanatorium, Ground Floor

Sanatorium, Basement


  • As a long-time fan of WFRP, I'm happy to see it get some mapping love here. Nice start, too!
  • KenGKenG Traveler
    Great job keep posting.
  • Indeed great work Denalor!
  • RalfRalf 🖼️ 16 images Mapmaker Administrator, ProFantasy
    Wonderful work, indeed! Have you perhaps considered doing the roofs wiht one of the City Designer 3 roof bitmap fills?
  • edited February 2015
    Well, I have to admit that even though I do own the software for quite some time and have actually purchased a couple of add-ons and whatnots I actually did not do much with it. Mainly due to a complete stop to my FtF roleplay.

    Anyway, these roofs are CD3.
    Thing is, I started all those maps with a DD template.
    Even when I switch to CD to do those roofs it does not show all the different bitmap fills that I would have for example if I start a new CD map with "CD3A 500'x400' Village.FCT". Meaning, when I click "House" the 'House Settings' does not list the 'CD3A' setting, or rather any e.g. "Thatch" was not the pretty bitmap fill as in the 'CD-Essentials' booklet but rather just some yellowish plain solid.
    I suppose I could walk through p. 29 of the booklet, but... umm... I kind of loathe to tinker with that kind of thing ever since I 'killed' my DD drawing tools and you helped me to correct that again (about 5 years ago... [blush]... didn't learn much since then, I'm afraid to admit)
    So, really, it's a matter of not truly knowing how to access the bitmap fill styles that are not readily available through the template (I actually only think that's the reason why they don't show, i.e. based on the template).

    BTW, a similar problem occured to me yesterday as I attempted to draw the nearby village of Frederheim for the above Hospice.
    I started with "CD3A 500'x400' Village.FCT", but since I want to create some hilly terrain (just to learn it really), I learned that doing several sheets of Multipoly'ed shades to create different levels in the terrain with a base grey colour and Transparency (opacity 20) to make the hills in the lightest colour the whole thing gets so dark that it really does not look good. Plus it seems to ruin the background bitmap fill. So when I tried to get another bitmapfill, e.g. one of the DD Light Grass Green ones, it wasn't there. Same if I attempt a plain polygon and want to set the bitmap fill style, it only gives me a narrow list. So I changed the base colour of those mulipolies to green, but the effect was not truly nice.
    Well, then my wife's 'grumbles' got a lot more specific and determined and I switched off the computer :-(
    A recuring problem I have I might add. Not my wife's grumbles... chuckle... but e.g. trying to include the "Hays" bitmap fill supplied with "The Tendril's Oak Inn" is... sigh... impossible for me to do.

    Umm, sorry, this post got longer than I thought it would and it's really no longer a "Show and Tell" topic.

    Anyway, anyone know where to find some description of how to do those things ? I never seem to find the correct explanations :-(
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