A Japanese style inn

Hi everyone,

This is my version of the Inn of the Globefish from the AD&D 1st edition Night of the Seven Swords. I used the CSUAC and the Mike Schley SS4 to make this.

Hope you like it.


  • Cool map! Very DnD-ish (or Schley-ish).
  • Thanks. Coming from you that makes me feel great about it. I've been looking at some of your work for a while now and I find what you are able to do with maps absolutely amazing. Hopefully I can reach that level someday.
  • Posted By: tonnichiwaHopefully I can reach that level someday.
    Of course you can. I started with CC Dos 20+ years ago but nowadays multiple tutorials speed up the learning course. Including mine hehe...
  • KenGKenG Traveler
    This is a great map!!

    The only think that catches my eye is that the grid is above a lot of the objects. It is personal preference, but I generally run mine at floor level, above rugs but below everything else.

    Great job, and JdR is the master. Do check out his tutorials.

    The church one is one of the best step by step guides I've found and it is FREE.

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    Thanks KenG.

    I will check them out. Oddly enough, when I saved it as a jpeg, the grid seemed to be up high, yet when I printed the map, the grid moved right above text but below everything else. I'm not really sure what's going on there but it's definitely making the map look a little different than my printed version.

    @Joachim de Revenbel, Thanks for that, though the link to yours doesn't want to work for me. Anyway, I still love your work.

    It has occurred to me that I may have uploaded a map that is too small for people to see so this is my attempt at making it bigger. Hopefully this works.
  • Lovely map.

    What font did you use for your text by the way?
  • Thank you Jay_NOLA

    I used the Kaneiwa font from Family Font Mart.
  • Posted By: tonnichiwathis is my attempt at making it bigger
    This is great! But I agree with KenG, tall objects (trees, rocks, fountain...) would look better above the grid.
  • I was thinking of the map over the weekend and borrowed a copy of OA2 from a friend who still has it to compare the map in it with the version you posted.

    The Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas also has a version CC2 version of the map in CC2 format which has some differences from the one in the module.

    After looking at the other 2 versions some things you could do to improve it are:

    1.) Reduce the the size of the fountain. It only takes up one graph square in OA2 and doesn't extend into any others.

    2.) Your missing the statue next to the open porch and the tree. you'll have to resize the tree to get one to fit.

    3.) Most of the doors are sliding doors. Some single sliding doors look like double sliding. Currently they have no symbols for doing them in CC3 that I am aware of.

    However, you can consider doing these two things.

    a.) Make a separate wall that is thinner where the doors are and use a different fill and size for it to make it look like a door. (The FR Atlas version does this.)

    b.) Use the sliding door PNGs that are on the Dudjinni forum to make a new symbol set. You may want to edit the PNGs in a graphic so the floor will look right when you use it.

    The Dudjinni forum post with them is at this address.


    Also, if your looking for some objects for the rooms see this thread too.


    4.) The stairs to the open porch need to take up 1 square instead if 2 squares. A couple of the other stairs need to be fixed too.

    5.) Some of the southern trees may need to be moved or shrunk a little s you have a very small space between some in the OA2 map.

    Finally, compared to the one in OA2 and in the FR Atlas yours is the best looking of them.
  • Thanks Jay_NOLA.

    I will check those out. This was my first try at a dungeon style map. I've tried some overland map making but I never felt any of it was good enough to post. I tried making the fountain smaller but it just didn't look right to me so I left it like it is.

    The sliding doors were one of the hardest things to do. Since I was working with the SS4 set, there were none so I ended up using the symbols for glass windows as sliding doors. Sadly, they didn't exactly fit perfectly. But they at least conveyed the idea of a sliding door. Thank you for posting those Dundjinni addresses. I'll definitely check them out.

    It was hard to get the stairs to work right. There aren't really any stairs in the ss4 set that would have been small enough to use for the stairs up to the walkways so I improvised a little. Sadly, the smallest I could get them without them looking too small was to make them two squares instead of one.

    I may try your suggestions in the future to try to get the map to look better, but for now, they have already gone through that adventure and the map has served it's purpose for my game. (sadly my friend spilt beer all over it at the end of the session so the printed map is ruined)

    It was also kind of hard to find any kind of statue that could go in the yard that looked different than the one I put in the receiving room. Maybe I'll be able to change that with some of the things from Dundjinni.

    And thank you for the great comments.
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    EDIT...trying to upload a better pic but I will have to do it later.
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