1st map post

Nearly done map. Comments welcomed
I feel that there is to many trees symbols. This being a 10 mile sq area was wondering what would be a better way to show that is a forest.


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    Hi Douglas,

    Good Job on your first map!

    While i do agree there is a slight over abundance of trees, I do understand that you may be going for the veritable, black forest look? If so then your density is fine, however if you want to break it up a bit, then instead of reducing the number of trees, i would increase the number of the other terrain features. This way they can have a level of prominence in the area but still show the dominance of the forest.

    Ultimately you want to go for balance... in your case i would do a 65% to 35%, Forest to Hills, Lake, Towns.

    Also i find having large inland areas like this, do well to have other terrain features come in on of the edge of the map, not too much, just enough to tell the story, that this area is part of a much bigger place.
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