Dwarven city of Dwarbas

Here is my redone map of Dwarfbas. It needs a sailing ship, cargo, to make it look better n my opinion.

A larger version of the map, and info on what the numbers are for: Dwarfbas, Dwarven city of Exile


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  • Any comments ?
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    Any particular reason you are using CC2 style buildings combined with raster fill for the terrain? Have you tried using the CD3 bitmap a buildings instead? They lack a bit in the tower/keep department, but otherwise they should support most needs, especially combined with the house tool.

    I also notice you have different sea textures to illustrate different depths, these would look better if you used an edge fade effect to blend them together.

    I don't really know the background of your city, but at initial glance, it looks a bit too open, too much wasted space. Space is usually at a premium behind city walls, but this city seems to have a lot of it, much more than seems natural.
  • I like the look of those symbols. And it isn't crowded due to the need to move troops around quickly...

    I will probably add a few more buildings though. I have done some edge stuff on sea bitmap fills for some of my new maps. I'll try to learn it well enough I don't have to keep looking it up.

    Thanks !

    I would have been back sooner, but we've been having router issues at the house since Saturday morning.
  • I think I got the edge fade to work.
  • It looks good. Some of the FR Atlas ships would be to the map in the harbor area since those symbols do have a CC3 update that lets you use those symbols in CC3.

    One comment about about the building placement. The buildings seem too well organized in city, which make sit appear like it was planned out from the very beginning of it's creation and the location and size of buildings, etc. are not a part of the city evolving over time. I'm not sure if this is what you are aiming for since I don't know the background of the city.
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    I have a cold and a slight fever, so kinda hard for me to tell if the edge fade was working or not. Thanks.

    I decided that placement of buildings next to the 3 redoubts, would make them too vulnerable to attack. Same reason for a lack of tree, I didn't want thieves going from rooftop to rooftop.

    I realize most old cities should look a bit scattered for building placement.
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