First map. The White Wolves Island

Hi!!. I have just finished my first map. Here I show you a part of the White Wolves Island. I still have to take care of some details, like adding names and stuff, not structures since it is not an island habitated by humanoids. But also I have a few problems:
1) How can I change the size of the Sea and Tundra texture? because I think they look too big compared to mountains and trees.
2) I have other smaller islands (not here) which I would like to fractalize a little bit, but when I do that only the landmass fill fractalizes, while the outline remains the same. Any ideas how to fix that?.

I hope you like the map!, specially the glacier coming down the mountain that finishes within the bigger lake.

WWI.png 1010.2K


  • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker
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    Nice! Looks appropriately frigid. See my ideas on the fractalization issue in your other thread. :)

    To edit the size of the tundra fill, click the fill style indicator at the top of the screen (FS: Name of current fill style). On the Bitmap Files tab, locate the fill style Tundra_MS and change scale to something more to your liking.
  • Hi there,

    I really like how the small rivers to the right combine to a bigger one. Same applies to the top left rivers. You can also fractalize the coast a little bit by selecting the "Default, Land"-Tool and then press "E" to edit the coastline. By simply inserting more nodes you should get the effect you want. Also you might want to think about breaking these pattern while placing mountains around lakes. There are a lot of straight mountain lines that look a bit odd. If you would reproduce the mountain shuffle in the bottom (middle) your map would benefit from it a lot.

    happy mapping
  • Thank you very much for your tips!!!! You have been very helpful!
  • I forgot!!, I also had another problem. I don´t know wether this is a bug or me hehe. When I try to apply effects on the Rivers sheet, It doesn´t work, nothing changes. I tried with the other sheets and effects work just fine. But not for Rivers. Have any of you experienced something similar?
  • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker
    No, that would be a new one for me. Would you mind posting your FCW file here? We can take a look then.
  • Nevermind Ralf, it works now, using Change Properties I put all the Rivers in the Rivers Sheet again and now it works (don´t know why, they were already in that sheet).
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