Skalderand [CC3+]

Hi everyone,

this is my first map in CC3+ (and CC3) and I wanted to share it with you. After some very fruitfull discussions on cartographers guild I thought I could also post it to you guys. I hope you enjoy and also might have some tips for me.

As the title already suggests this map/world is called "Skalderand" and will be the setting for my upcoming D&D-next campaign. Therefore this map shall only give a rough overview on what places this world offers. Details will be shown when I start drawing some overland/regional maps. For now I think the continents and its terrain is well placed and therefore I will move on to labeling and post-CC3+ photoshop-editing (compass rose, navigation lines, border, ...). As for the terrains I had to tweak some of the terrain-tools presented within the "Schley Overland Style" as I really dislike most of the tools (but this is a matter of preference I guess). If you are interested in the tools and effects I used, I wrote a little tutorial for myself to be able to draw maps with consistent styles in the future. If there is any interest I could upload this aswell. In terms of dimension I haven't fully decided yet, most probably this world will be something like 14,000km x 10,000km. This would resulst in the big continent in the upper right corner being something like 1,200km x 1,200km.

edit1: The tutorial is out and you can find it here.


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