CC3 Overland Hex Style and an Upcoming Kickstarter Project

Greetings Everyone,

First, a hearty thanks to Ralf and Simon for their prompt replies to my inquiries this morning.

I'm happy to have the opportunity to display my latest effort with CC3. This map features the Overland Hex style populated with a combination of its native symbols and those from Herwin Wielink's Fantasy Lands. It's going to be a 20" x 30" game board, which will make the hexes approximately 3/4" at their widest points.


This map is the centerpiece of a fantasy board game, Altasia, that is going to be offered as a Kickstarter Project in the next month or two. To get a better grasp of the game, please take a tour through our website where we have all the major components showcased. This is my first solo project, and I welcome comments and criticism here, as well as on our site's blog.

Site link to Brown Box Board Games

I also wanted to add that, as a writer, I'm finding CC3 to be an indispensable tool for bringing visual impact to my stories and settings. And I probably speak for everyone by saying that I'm looking forward to the release of CC3+.

@Ralf and Simon: Apologies, guys - the map I sent you this morning is an old one. The up-to-date version is the one displayed here. I have so many files in my Altasia folder, I can't keep track of them.


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