Eldolan - city map

ClerconClercon Betatester Traveler
It has been a while since I posted a map here, too much to do lately.
This is a city I made in CD3 for the 13the age adventure Shadows over Eldolan from Pelgrane press.
As usual I've added some effects in photoshop and in this case I also added all the cliffs. I still haven't found a good way of doing those in CD3.
Hope you like it, and if you do go and buy the adventure and let you players loose in the city :)


  • Once again, an amazing map! I especially like the bay. I'm a little bit surprised by the river. Is it going underground when reaching the wall?

    Could you please post the map before tweaking it in photoshop, so that we may get an idea of what you got out of CD3?

    Thank you !
  • Wonderful map as always Clercon!
  • Brilliant map. I love your work. Thank you for the inspirations.

    And as always, it's frustrating that elevations are not easily done in CC3. Cliffs or gulleys or hills or topographic height differences.... The closest I have seen is annual 3's mountains as a rough guide or the recent 2014 annual. CC3 is pretty amazing but this one thing frustrates me.

    I would also love to see the CC3 "original" as well.
  • ClerconClercon Betatester Traveler
    Gathar, for you, and everyone else that think this is interesting, the RAW version of the map. As it looks when I export it from CD3. So it is quite a difference from the end map :)
  • Well, I only got CC3 last week and am still working at it but I think I may have to poke about to look at doing something like the cliffs.

    A think grey line with a black line on one edge and hatching (like on roofs) going off from that should do the trick right?

    Once I've got a map done I'll take a look.

    Where are the walls from? I LIKE the walls.
  • Beautiful - I love the lighthouses. Thanks for sharing.
  • Thumb up Clercon. Beautiful one.
  • I use a little macro written by someone else (I'm not sure who now, but they are a regular contributor here), called mtns. I attach it as a txt file, but you need to change its name to a .mac file. I enter one side length as 0, and I get really good cliffs, though sometimes I need to tidy them up, but still using CC3 rather than photoshop.
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