Multi level battle tiles

Dear all,

I have been playing around a bit with CC3 (and CD / DD) the last few weeks. It sure took me back... I had a copy a long time ago, just called CC so probably nr 1... Producing very Tolkienian maps in HPGL ready for my fathers home made A2 plotter...

A lot has changed since then, and not just in CC. I used to scribble my dungeon maps on a piece of paper. A few pencil strokes and some descriptive words was enough to transfer the spark of creativity to my players. Nowadays I mostly play using skype and Maptool and I find that I need a lot more visual detail to get my players to creatively interact with their environment. Hence the renewed acquaintance with CC.

I've started to make battle tiles that have a certain environmental potential for storytelling and adding more than one level helps to achieve this. I'd like to share a few of them and ask you what you think.

This is the first one I made. It took me a long time and I made quite a few beginners mistakes. The most annoying one being that I didn't put the connecting nodes of the layers of the river chasm on snap point so there is no easy way to make a few waterway tiles to add to this one should the players decide to go for a swim.

I deliberately removed the grid from the river so that I can decide how wide the gap is when playing.


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