My first mapping project relaunched: Thylis

Hi Folks,

it has been some time I haven`t been here. But recently I discovered my old map project on my HD, spent some time and here I am again ;) Campaign Cartographer consumes time, but the results so far please me and I`m really happy with the additional drawing stiles in the annuals (keep it up and give us more pls ^^)

I revised the map shape, but I`m currently wondering how to manage the mountains, forests, etc. in order to have a realistic and still fantasy world.

I want to have mountainous regions for dwarfs and dragons, forests for elves, a swamp, a desert, volcanos, farm regions, Kingdom with castles etc. What do you think of the first draft? I just roughly marked the regions without further details (for instance lakes).

I`m planning to write a novel and maybe use this map for other projects too. The contintent should be approx as large as Austrialia is and part of a world with more contintens, but I have to think about this in details later.

What would you suggest? Thanks in advance for your comments :)


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    Time for an update :)

    I decided to go for a very basic drawing stile first to try different mountain locatios, vegetation, etc. What do you think?

    * Currently the upper area shall be quite barren, but with farmland at the left before the mountainside
    * The volcanic area is tropical
    * The lower area provides much farmland

    I`m really not sure, if the placement of the rivers or the farmland/barren/desert combo in the upper region makes sense. :|

    btw, how can I export the maps at a higher quality? All options I tried so far didn`t work quite well.
  • Where is your north? This is important if you want the volcanic area to be tropical. At present, if north is at the top, then your barren lands and orcish region also are tropical (ie the equator is at the top), or you need to specify where your equator is.
  • The North should be upside. I see your point, the tropical regions shall be islands above the continent and therefore the volcanic region is not tropical. I want to have the climate subtropical above and moderate at the bottom, so there`s no room for tropical regions at the current point.

    I`m also fixing the rivers, because they are also not that realisitic, as they should be.

    Thank you very much, this helps me :)
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    Time for an update :)

    After some tries I finally found a style which suits my needs: DmRust.

    Because this forum here doesn`t support high res pics, I`ll attach a small version, but at least I know how to export high res now :)

    What are your thoughts about the map? Still some work to do and I didn`t get the map borders right so far, but I`ll hopefully figure that out soon.
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    That looks great! I especially like your choice for the ocean background, it gives the map a painted look. What did you use for that? I also like your font choice, again for the painted/hand-written look. It looks like a mix of the DeRust the Herwin Wielink (Djekspek) styles, though? They seem to go very well together. The whole color palette just gives your map a very hand-made, painted look. I really like it. Your place names have a very realistic feel to them as well.

    Wonderful map. Thanks for sharing!
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    Thank you very much for your encouraging feedback.

    There will be some changes, but when it`s finished I`ll post a link to a high-res version :)

    Yes, I`ve mixed the two styles, because I prefered the Herwin`s buildings. For the painted look I used the Background_blue_C84B from the expansion of the style (the light blue one) and used the bitmap from the treasure map style as overlay with 35% opacity and blur and bevel effects to get this look.
  • Awesome map and very astute blend of styles!
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  • Thank you :)

    I further revised the map (rivers, some mountains, more landmass, more details) Due it is still WIP, it`s not High-Res because it wouldn`t be viewed good in this forum :)
  • Lovely work. Congrats my friend!
  • Thank you, this is very encouraging :)
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