CC3 Crash after 'move' and quick 'copy'

This is a repeatable issue for me. I am using the Mercator (Annual) template and drawing on the globe/atlas, placing vegitation. When I either move or copy (not every time) a tree or hill symbol CC3 will crash. So far, CC3 has crashed 8 times on me over the course of the evening. I will try to repeat issue and be more specific. Also, are there any 'memory' issues or adjustments that I need to look at to possible make a correction for this issue. I am a very very advanced PC user, so don't hold back.

I have the latest patch for CC3. I also have installed CD-Pro, and Symbols 1 & 2, DD3.

Thanks in advance for any help... so far it is just an annoyance, not reached a critical level of fustration yet.


  • Simon RogersSimon Rogers Traveler Administrator, ProFantasy
    I'm afraid we haven't had this particular problem mentioned before. I think you'd best send in a tech support request, include instructions on how to reproduce the issue and a copy of the map on which it occurs. Thanks for asking here first though.
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