The Misgivings (Rise of the Runelords spoilers!)

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My main Pathfinder group are currently slowly making their way through the Rise of the Runelords adventure path.

At the moment they're exploring the infamous haunted house Foxglove Manor - known locally as The Misgivings.

There are already some fantastic maps of Foxglove Manor online created by Tintagel, but I like to produce my own copies of maps from modules that I run, so that I'm more familiar with the layout.

I love the new Dungeons of Schley symbol set 4, so I've used that as far as possible to create my own maps.

I'm still working on set dressing a few of the rooms, but the exterior and roof map is finished, so I'm posting it now.
I'll post the interior maps over the next week or two.

(EDIT 28/09/2020: Removed the broken link to photobucket, and linked to the same image posted below)

Most of the art is from SS4. The trees are from the Dundjinni forums, as dead/creepy trees are something that CC3's symbol sets are missing.
The roofs are made using the house tool in CD3 - it's one of the Gothic Styles.
The gargoyles are partially deleted versions of some Devin Night tokens from his Kickstarter set. Devin's tokens work really well with Mike's SS4 art!


  • Woah! Amazing! Love the map and the artwork!
  • Beautiful map and artwork. Is't possible to get the fcw file from you, to look about the efects you use.
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    Wow I really like the coast line. How didyou do that?
  • Very stricking! Thanks for sharing.
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    Agreed! I especially like the rocks under the water along the coastline!

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    Thanks everyone, and sorry for not replying sooner - I've had a hectic couple of weeks which has stopped me posting, and also stopped me mapping or playing Pathfinder!

    I'm hoping to have the rest of the map-set finished this weekend ready for my Pathfinder game resuming next Wednesday, so I'll post all the other levels on here then.
    Posted By: Steve TravisBeautiful map and artwork. Is't possible to get the fcw file from you, to look about the efects you use.
    No problem Steve, but I'll have to wait until the other levels are finished first. The reason being that much of the detail and most of the effects (particularly the cliffs and coastline) are on the ground floor map. I imported the png of my ground floor map as a background and drew the roofs on top, then copied the main "building shadow" shape back to the ground floor map and updated the png.

    Be warned that I do tend to use lots of sheets and everything will just be "red crosses" unless you've got SS4 and CD3 installed.
    Posted By: KenGWow I really like the coast line. How didyou do that?
    The cliffs and rocks are just multiple copies of Mike's rock and cave-in symbols, resized and rotated lots and lots. They're placed on three seperate sheets, one below water, the others above.

    For the edge of the cliffs at "ground level" there are several inner and outer black glow effects added to the sheet with the terrain on.
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    Necroing my own long forgotten thread here, sorry! ?

    I've been looking though my old maps, both on these forums and on my old laptop. Seeing what I can add to my gallery, as most of my images were stored on photobucket like the one above, and so don't work anymore.

    In this case I noticed that I never returned to post the interior maps.

    Unfortunately I did my Misgivings maps on CC3 (not plus) on my old laptop, which also had a Windows reset since then. However the FCW files 90% work on CC3+ on that old laptop, and look like I should be able to get them fully working on my fancy new Huawai Matebook. ?

    I also never completely finished mapping the house, as I needed to play before I finished mapping. Having said that:

    1) I really love this haunted house and I'd like to finish what I started.

    2) Rise of the Runelords is great, and The Skinsaw Murders is arguably the best part of it, so I'm thinking of running it for my children.

    So here are the incomplete maps that I ran with for my original Rise of the Runelords game, hopefully I'll be updating them and also adding the basement and cave levels soon.

    The Misgivings - Ground Floor

    The Misgivings - Upper Floor

    The Misgivings - Attic

    The Misgivings - Roof

    There's quite a lot that I wasn't happy with when I used these, mainly the unfurnished rooms in the attic and some assets that I made do with as I couldn't find what I needed. In many cases - eg the wrecked bedroom furniture on the upper floor - I've now got suitable objects to use. Also my players really loved the maps - even the bits that I was disappointed with. ?

    The above maps are scaled at 75px = 5ft to allow upload into the thread. There are 100px = 5ft versions in my gallery.

    LoopysueMonsen[Deleted User]WeathermanSweden
  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 39 images Cartographer

    I think you can be forgiven for that, Raiko. It has a definite continuity to it - being the floors of the original map.

    Beautiful mapping!

  • What magnificent maps - and so atmospheric. But...where's the basement, and what lies lurking there, Mr Blackbeard?!?

  • Thank you Quenten. The Rise of the Runelords campaign features many really atmospheric and memorable locations, which is why I'm hoping to run it again with my children. The Misgivings is one of the very best and appears quite early in the campaign.

    There is indeed a basement - at the moment it's not in a state where I can export an image - even from my old laptop - as it's got a few red crosses for missing assets.

    I think that I should have all these maps fully working on my new laptop in a couple of days - my old laptop is the "homework pc" so I need to wait my turn! ?

    Once I've got them working again I'll post updates, I'm planning to finish the basement and those empty (and important!) rooms in the attic first. ?

    [Deleted User]
  • Raiko, these maps are awesome! I look forward to any further additions.

    Years ago, someone asked for the .fcw file. Would you be willing to provide that?

    Failing that, in one of the images, there is a manticore on the table. Can you provide a version without the manticore (assuming it is not a statue or something permanent- I am not familiar with the adventure)?

  • Thank you @seycyrus. ?

    I'll see what I can do once I've got the FCW files useable again. Quite a few of the objects aren't CC3 objects though, so I might need to provide FCWs with some items removed - otherwise you'd get loads of those red crosses like I'm getting now.

    Where I can, I'll replace non-Profantasy assets with Profantasy ones to fix the red-crosses, as there are more objects in this style available now. In some cases though - like the wrecked bedroom - I've got better objects available now, so I'll be using those third-party objects.

    The manticore is a stuffed hunting trophy, it's a nice surprise for snooping adventurers who break in through the front door. ?

    It's also affected by the haunting, so it surprises them again the next time they pass through that room.

  • I've not had chance to do any mapping this weekend, but I have got all my Misgivings FCW files fully working on my new laptop in CC3+ including the unfinished basement map. ?

    So I'll be resuming work on these maps this week.

  • If you do replace non-ProFantasy symbols with Profantasy/CSUAC2, Vintyri, Dundjinni Archives and or Bogies, can you think about submitting these utterly glorious (and scary) maps to the Atlas?

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    Unfortunately, as the layout of this map is Paizo's IP, I'm only allowed to post my version of The Misgivings it I state that it's from Rise of the Runelords. So even with purely Profantasy symbols, it couldn't be added to the Atlas.

    However I am enjoying working on these maps again now, and I've got an idea or two for a similar set of maps that would be all my own work and could go in the Atlas. ?

    Here is the unfurnished basement. The layout is complete, apart from two windows which need adding to the room facing out of the cliff.

    I changed the main rock texture from what I'd originally used, and also added most of the details of the "pit" room in the centre, that leads deeper underground. Other than that, it's unaltered since 2014.

    The Misgivings - Basement (WIP):

    I'll hopefully have it finished in another day or two.

    DaltonSpenceMonsenLoopysue[Deleted User]
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    Well it's been more than a day or two, and I'm still not finished, but I had chance to update this tonight -  every room now has content, so it's certainly usable to run the adventure now. I'll probably work on the others floors, starting with the attic map, before spending any more time on this one.

    There's also the place that the unearthed old stairs lead down to...

    The Misgivings - Basement (WIP - 90% done):


    As usual, this is reduced to 75px, per 5ft - I'll upload the 100px, per 5ft version to my gallery. ?

    Clicking the map will open the 100px per 5ft version from my imgur page (the latest version of which will always be in my gallery).

    Many of the symbols used in this map are from either The Forgotten Adventures free mapping assets, or from Tom Cartos' Patreon page.

    LoopysueMonsen[Deleted User]
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    Okay, I've 'fixed' the above post, so that clicking the image goes to a copy of the 100px per 5ft image on my Imgur page - I don't want to link that way to my gallery here, as I'll keep deleting old versions from the gallery as I continue updating the maps.

    @Monsen: What scaling happens when uploading to the forum? The 75px version of the image was less than 2MB, but over 3000px in width, and was scaled to 1500px width when I uploaded (even when I tried as an attachment). The guide to image posting suggested that the limit was 2MB, rather than a pixel width limit. I'm not complaining, just trying to figure the best way post dungeon map WIPs. I'd rather scale the posted map myself. ?

    Finalised maps are fine, as I'd just post a small image and link to the gallery version.
  • MonsenMonsen Administrator 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer

    All images in posts are scaled to 1500px, regardless of the size limits. I thought I wrote that somewhere, but who knows where.

    Images in posts are generally intended to be viewed in the post so allowing images much larger than fits in a post is generally a waste of bandwidth, and slows down page loading.

    There's nothing wrong with putting WIP images in the gallery though. You may wish to have a separate album for them.

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    Thanks. I'll bear that in mind next time I post an update. You've probably mentioned it somewhere, but it's not mentioned in the latest image posting guide.

    Monsen said:

    There's nothing wrong with putting WIP images in the gallery though. You may wish to have a separate album for them.

    Yeah, it's more for my own sanity - I just keep the latest versions in my WIP gallery. My imgur gallery has 100s of images that I've posted to other forums anyway (mostly Buckyball racing leaderboards, and evidence), so I don't mind cluttering that up. ?
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