World of Mahran - New revamped map - Herwin Wielink's Addition

I have posted my Mahdran map before. It was a massive large scale mmorpg world map. This time I prominently made it in Herwin Wielink's symbol set. I just love his color palette. However, I am still a big fan of the trees of the original CC3 symbol set.There are some other textures and some symbols used from other symbol sets. Wanted to make it as diverse/consistent as possible. I tried to do a more realistic approach to the world since its emphasis is on the content for each environment inside the continents. I tried to make the rivers flow correctly and have transitions environments as well. From a zoomed out perspective it still looks somewhat patchy. I apologize for that. If for some reason I get lucky enough to develop my mmorpg this is more than likely the world map that will be used.

I also incorporated my Kael'Tristin "Gate of the North" map as well :)

Blue Text = Starting cities
White Text = Wilderness
Yellow Text = Interior/Exterior Dungeons
Light Blue Text = Other cities
Green Text = Raiding Campaigns
Purple Text = World Wonders
Brown Text = Mountains and Seas

I hope you like it. I did just realize that the mountains in the desert are not scaled properly so I'll have to fix it. It's about a 1 hour render time with no effects. I crash when I add effects. Still working on that.

What are some places that catch your eye and intrigue you to explore?


(Still not sure how to make a thumbnail)


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