April 2014 Competition

[EDIT: I have extended the deadline to 14th June 2014]

To celebrate the release of The Dungeons of Schley, we’ve devised a new competition.

Create a small underground lair – a bandit hide out, a cave taken over by a dragon, a mine used as a cultist HQ. The whole area the map covers including map embelishments should be no more than about 100 m / 300 ft square. The best will win an unlimited patron license to all our cartography software forever; two runners up will receive vouchers.

- It can be in any style, past, modern or future.
- You have to create it with CC3, and any other ProFantasy map-making software you wish to use – annuals, symbols sets, whatever you like,
- It can include third-party art as symbols or fill styles long as that art is available for commercial use by anyone.
- You grant us permission to post the map online, though you retain all other rights.
- Only one entry per person
- The main prize is an unlimited patron license, and the two runners up will receive $100 vouchers.
- To submit, post your entry on this forum thread.
- Competition closes on 14th June 2014.


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  • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker
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    In response to some questions:

    - The lair can cover multiple floors, but they'll have to fit in the 100m/300ft square in total (not per floor).
    - No maximum level of floors, except the practical limit of fitting them all into the area.
    - Please post your final map as jpg or png in this thread and email us your FCW source file (ralf@profantasy.com).
    - If you include your own bitmap artwork, it needs to be included with the email submission.
  • Yet another clarification requested: Just to make extra sure, you are saying we have 10,000 M2 / 90,000 ft2 to work with?
  • Just for clarification - its been awhile since i've taken math - 300ft squared means like a 30ft by 10ft underground lair?
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    Posted By: anomiecoalitionJust for clarification - its been awhile since i've taken math - 300ft squared means like a 30ft by 10ft underground lair?
    A quick check of the conversion between meters and feet suggests this is wrong.

    100m is close to 300ft (approximately 328 ft)

    100 sq m is over 3 times as much as 300 sq ft (it's about 1076 sq ft, actually)

    (edit: Did some googling on the term "x feet square" and it does indeed refer to a square with side length x. So the areas come out to 10,000 sq m [100x100] and 90,000 sq ft [300x300, if you forgive the use of the rounded feet conversion])
  • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker
    Yes, 100m /300ft square means a square with a side length of 100m/300ft, so 10,000sqm or 90,000 sqft. But the map should fit into the actual square, so a 10m by 1000m lair would not fit the bill. ;)
  • Hey all - Here is my entry for the Underground Lair Contest...I actually made it last year but I think it fits the bill. Made with CC3 with textures available for commercial use from CGTextures.com and symbols from (a) Profantasy, (b) Dunjinni Forums with explicit permission for commercial use, or (c) my own creation. Text and Effects were done in Photoshop (The Text actually renders clearer in the full sized version - http://drunkennerdery.com/2013/05/19/troglodytes-lair/). Good Luck to Everyone!
  • Too much shading in the text, making it a little difficult to read. otherwise, I love it.
  • The textures are really great! Very good map.

    But I agree with qwalker... Too much effect on the text, especially for the map key.
  • Thanks guys - yes, the text looks like garbage on this image...photoshop is doing something screwy when I scaled it down to the 800px width needed for this forum...but it looks much better in the full sized jpeg (see link below).

  • Simon RogersSimon Rogers Administrator, ProFantasy Traveler
    Posted By: anomiecoalitionThanks guys - yes, the text looks like garbage on this image...photoshop is doing something screwy when I scaled it down to the 800px width needed for this forum...but it looks much better in the full sized jpeg (see link below).

    This competition is CC3 only. No post effects in Photoshop are permitted.
  • Here is my entry, the Necromancer's Lair.

    It includes symbols and fills from a variety of Profantasy products, a couple of symbols from the CSUAC and a few symbols that I made myself (either from scratch or using a Profantasy symbol as a starting point).

    Dungeon Master Notes
    • Doors and chests marked with a coloured lock symbol cannot be opened without the corresponding key, regardless of magical or lock-picking skills.
    • Enemies that are active by default, are indicated by a slight red outline
    • Useful items are scattered around the map, and are marked by a slightly green outline.
    • On entering the Lair, adventurers are met with a large sacrificial chamber with dragon bones surrounded by a necromancer's glyph, a sacrificial altar and a few undead mummies.
    • Closed doors lead to two antechambers, no progress can be made through the locked door on the other side of the left side chamber, and the first useful item (a rope) can be found in the right chamber.
    • Shortly after entering the labyrinth adventurers may also find the second useful item (a selection of planks long enough to traverse pits safely).
    • As adventurers work their way through the dungeon, they may find a series of locked chests and a series of coloured keys. Chests can be opened only by the appropriately coloured key, and should contain high quality loot.
    • Adventurers may find a spike pit that contains the third useful item (a magic sword). The rope can be used to safely collect this item.
    • There is also a magic shield located within the dungeon.
    • In the cage containing the orange key, adventurers will find a captive chained up. This captive has knowledge regarding the usefulness (and location) of the magical shield (protection against fire) and sword (ability to kill animated enemies e.g. golems, mummies and skeletons).
    • The corridor containing timed fire traps can be passed safely if the adventures have found the magic shield.
    • Opening the door to the treasure room will trigger the necromancer's final trap and awake the large corpse in the treasure room, the smaller corpses on the stone slabs, and will re-animate the bone dragon.
    • The captive (if released and persuaded to accompany the adventurers) is able to disable the final necromancy trap prior to it being triggered.
    • The treasure room also contains the key to the two teleportation chambers, allowing access to the abandoned living quarters and library in the lower left of the lair.
    • There is also a key located in the living quarters that will unlock the door to the original chamber, and avoid the adventurers needing to work their way back through the entire labyrinth.
    A much larger 18MB 3600x3600px PNG version can be found here
  • OK - This version was done completely in CC3 - No use of Photoshop whatsoever.
  • Here's my (very basic) entry.

    I only spotted this contest today, so I whipped up a small, simple map tonight (my first attempt at drawing a dungeon).

    The theme is The Betrayer, a half-fiend Cyclops, was sealed away in stasis for betraying the Cyclopean Empire thousands of years ago. The doors were trapped with the most powerful warding magic known at the time.

    The map was drawn with the standard tools from DD3, plus the Tolkein font from the 2012 Annual.

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    Wow, these deadline things are sneaky & creep up on you fast!

    Ah well, my first DD3 map, inspired by a larger hand-dwarn map from an old game session. Learned a lot watching Sweeney's tutorials & then trying to make this map. Original hand-drawn map had lots more detail that I ran out of time to put in here.

    If nothing else, it gives the real mappers around here something to laugh & point at....but for my ego's sake, please keep it to under 12 hours' worth.

    Thanks for the great products. Got some of the mapping addiction going. Tools are really fun to use!


    --edit: Updated version added 6/14/2014. (Should I have deleted the old one?)

    Admin Edit: I've deleted the old one to avoid confusion.
  • Posted By: ktm71
    If nothing else, it gives the real mappers around here something to laugh & point at....but for my ego's sake, please keep it to under 12 hours' worth.
      On the contrary...it doesn't make me laugh at all. My reaction was one of nostalgia. This is how our maps looked when we played D&D in the late 80's.

      Ahhh...the good old days... :)
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      I wasn't sure whether I'd have time to enter, but I ended up needing a day or two off work, and had enough spare time last night and today to knock up a quick lair.

      Here's my entry The Tomb of the Witch King, all textures, symbols and fonts are from Profantasy mapping products. I've enjoyed making the map, so I'm planning on redoing it with my favourite non-commercial art pieces after the competition is over.


      EDIT: 14th June - Updated map slightly for the new deadline.
    • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker
      Please see the first post of the thread, we'v extended the deadline for this competition.
    • Ralf,

      Is it ok if I resubmit my entry, now that there's extra time? My original entry was a quick & dirty one, because of time restraints.

    • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker
      Absolutely. Feel free to re-submit an updated version of your map.
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    • This is an underground fort I made for my players to storm, looking for evidence of some missing people. It features a large barracks, small guard room, a kitchen, dining hall, storage room with a small stream flowing through it, and an officer's area where the treasure lives.


      Original here: http://www.undercoveryeti.com/blog/2014/05/27/underground-fort/
    • ModricModric Traveler
      Here's my submission, The Charnel of Aefric the Dreadful.
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    • This is a wizard lair / hideout that I made. Everything in the map was made with CC3/DD3. This is my first Dungeon style map.

      The premise is a cave entrance into the hideout from the west or an ocean/lake entrance from the east. There are numerous natural caves, a deep chasm, an old temple, caves/rooms that overlook the ocean/lake, and even a submerged unexplored section. Red numbers are room numbers. Blue numbers are elevations relative to the main cave entrance. Lower Res Jpeg. I hope you like it.

      1) Cave Entrance
      2) Main Cave
      3) Beast Cave
      4) Entrance Hall
      5) The Old Temple (Fresh Water Source)
      5a) Balcony Lookout Post
      6) Guard Post
      7) Guard Barracks (Bars to south have never opened)
      8) Unused Stairs Room
      9) Garbage Pit Room
      10) Guard Post
      11) Evil Summoning/Worship Room
      12) Magical Guardians
      13) Broken Bridge & Chasm
      14) Entrance Hall
      15) Wizard’s Sleeping Chamber
      16) Wizard’s Bathing Chamber
      17) Wizard’s Lab
      18) The Vault
      19) Storage Cave
      20) Storage & Lookout Post
      21) Storage Chamber
      22) Dock
      23) Submerged Guardian
      24) Submerged Sword Chamber
      24a) Submerged Crypt with Secret Door
      24b) Submerged Crypt
      25) Submerged Cave
      26) Lost Treasure Room
    • illuminatispyilluminatispy Traveler
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      My first finished map... Perhaps a little less lair and more relaxation/rejuvenation destination, but hopefully that works too.

      Since I don't have the Dungeon Designer, my toolset was limited to the Annual Jon Roberts Dungeon, but all CC3.
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      My first map... This is a hidden Medic Station inspired by a famous Science Fiction Trilogy...
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    • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker
      Just a quick note that we're currently clearing up a few things with some entries concerning the used artwork. We'll post the selection of eligible entries soon.
    • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker
      Okay, here is the list of eligible entries. Sadly, we had to leave out two entries posted here, due to some of the material not being freely or easily available. Thanks anyway, Modric and Forester for your submissions!

      These will be judged by Mike Riddle, the author of FastCAD the CAD engine that underlies all of Campaign Cartographer and its add-ons.
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