Fonts Not Showing

I noticed this today while working on a map.

Several of the fonts from annual issues & other products aren't showing up.

I can see the fonts in the CC3 Fonts folder.

I'm unable to select them if I go to change the text font in CC3 & they don't show up if I look for them by going to More Fonts and looking for them.

The Windows Font folder doesn't have them listed when I go & check it.

If I do a copy and past of the fonts from CC3's Fonts Folder to the Windows one I'm told the fonts are already installed in to the Windows one.

Any ideas on what to do?

I'm using Windows 7 32-bit & any time I've installed something for CC3 I've always run as Admin.


  • On the right is Text Specs. Click on it. On the bottom of the pop up it says 'More Fonts'.

    Does clicking on that button show them ?
  • Jay_NOLAJay_NOLA Traveler
    No they don't show up that way.

    I did get a reply on the yahoo group that said to install the fonts again that are in the fonts folder. I did that and told it to overwrite the fonts in the Windows fonts folder so my Annual fonts are showing up now.

    (This looks like that it is a Windows 7 & Windows 8 issue from some reserach I've been doing.)

    I'm not sure about the fonts that Cosmo3 installs are showing up though.

    Does a list exist of what fonts Cosmo3 installs exists so I can check if they are installed?
  • Jay_NOLAJay_NOLA Traveler
    I started looking at maps that are included with various products in detail & noticed these fonts were missing one some of the maps I looked at. (Been having CC3 for years & never noticed this till the other day as I never looked at all the maps in supper detail.)

    They aren't in the CC3 Fonts folder and I have no idea if they were supposed to have been installed. A few of these show up on a lot of maps I'm seeing.

    True Type:

    Bookman Old Style
    Calisto MT
    Century Schoolbook
    Copperplate Gothic Bold
    Copperplate Gothic Light
    Federation Hull
    Forgotten Uncial
    Lucida Blackletter
    Papyrus LET
    Matura MT Script Capitals



    I can find most of these online but some like Federation Hull has several different names for the exact font file.

    So I need to find out what fonts were supposed to have installed with various and get them.
  • Jay, these fonts are not fonts that were released with the ProFantasy files. Rather, they were fonts released with Word'97, Publisher'97, and likely a few other old software packages. They are still under copyright protection, so I'm not able to share them. If you happen to have the disks laying around for old word processor software, many of the font files were just on the disks and are easy to access.
  • Jay_NOLAJay_NOLA Traveler
    Thanks Shessar,

    I suspected some of them were part of older versions of Windows and Office from what I found.

    Forgotten Uncial is one that is on the FR Interactive Atlas which I own but it and the variations of it aren't showing.

    I'm going through a bunch of trouble shooting steps I got last night via online research and after contacting Microsoft.

    I got most of the Annual ones to show up now but several are still having problems.

    I'll make post to the forums and the yahoo group with all the info I got so others will know what to do and not create additional problems. Some of the fixes others have done can cause problems for Windows 7 & 8 according to what I found out. They don't cause those problems for older versions of Windows.
  • Jay_NOLAJay_NOLA Traveler
    edited September 2014
    I making acopy and past of the post I made on the CC yahoo group as it has lots of info and mentions which ones I couldn't fix.

    Begin Paste:

    Ok I did some of the stuff I found online & found out why some weren't showing up, but a few aren't showing up at all still.

    First, the font Middle Ages has two different file names for it in the CC3 fonts folder. This isn't a problem as the files are for the same font and you only need to install one of them.

    Second, CA85 has some problems which is caused by the font in it.

    The templates and map in that issue use a font called Morgan TentyNine, which is included with that issue, but the creator of the templates and map registry setting were changed most likely so that the Morgan font location was changed to the MorganTwentyNine one. The Morgan Font and the Moran Twenty Nine are different fonts but they do have some similarities. They are from the same designer I believe too.

    One other problem with the Morgan Twenty Nine Font in the annual is the exact file name of the font it has an extra . in it after the n in Morgan and before the T in twenty nine file name which can cause Windows to read the file incorrectly.

    This extra period can do several things like prevent it from installing, cause it to be confused as the the other Font called Morgan, to make Windows & programs crash.

    If you remove that extra . the font will install and show up as Morgan Twenty Nine i you look at your CC3 fonts.

    The version I saw of this font for download online for most sites that offered it didn't have this added period in the name.

    Hopefully, Ralf will get that issue updated in case any one else is wondering why the sample map doesn't display correctly or can get the font to install correctly.

    I'm also having the sample map in CA85 cause my CC3 to crash if I try to enlarge it using the zoom buttons. So I'm not sure what to do about that.

    I hope Ralf can help me figure out what is wrong.

    Third, after contacting Microsoft's support an researching the font problem online I did find this out.

    1.) If you have a font installed that isn't showing up and Windows is saying it is don't reinstall the font. If you reinstall it you'll make a copy of the Font in your Windows Fonts folder that has a slightly different name.

    Also, some programs may install a copy of the font with a slightly different name too into your Fonts folder too.

    If you are installing a font your self you'll get told that the font is already installed and you'll be asked if you want to install it. If it is a program it will install it and not ask in most cases, and not care that the font was already installed at some point before.

    Duplicates of installed fonts will have a name that has a _ added to the end of its' name if it is the first duplicate. A _0 if it is the second duplicate and a _1 if it is the second, etc.

    Note, that some fonts may just have a _ as the first version of it This is because that one you installed had that in its name in the the installer, site, etc. you got it from to begin with.

    2.) Aside from installing into your Fonts folder you also get a registry entry created when you install a font. The registry entry for a font may need to be edited as this can also be a problem.

    When you install a duplicate of the same font it can change the registry entry to point it to duplicate installed or may not be pointed it to the correct font.

    You often need to reboot for fonts to show up in the registry.

    3.) Windows 7 & up doesn't let you see exactly in your Windows Fonts folder the font may be in it and not showing up if you look in it because of Windows settings on the Fonts folder.

    You need to Open a command prompt window (You may have to run as an administrator for this to work properly. You can also change your UAC settings too if this occurs.)
    Enter this line:

    attrib -r -s c:\Windows\Fonts

    (The C:\Windows\ bit should be replaced by your system folder, if it is different)

    This will let you view the Windows Fonts folder as a regular folder and you can see if it is in it along with any duplicates.

    You can run regedit and look under

    Compute\HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts

    and check to see that it has a registry key for it and that it is pointing to the correct font.

    You can delete your duplicate font files if you have any showing up, but make sure the registry key is pointing to one the one you plan to keep on your system.
    If you can't delete a duplicate font file because you are told it is in use change the registry location of it so it points at the non duplicate and reboot your computer.

    You can then remove the duplicate file and the font will show up and the registry entry will be pointing in the correct direction.

    Uninstalling a font may not remove the registry entries for it so you may have to delete those if you do.

    Some fonts you install may show up in your Fonts folder but not in the registry. A reboot can fix this most of the time.
    Remove the font from the Fonts folder and reinstall it if that doesn't work. Reboot after you install the font.

    Some fonts may show registry entries and show as being in your Fonts folder but won't show up in CC3 & other programs.

    Microsoft changed the way font metadata is handled in latter versions of Windows. So some fonts of the same font family won't display if other members of the same font family are installed.

    If you can try and find an updated version of the fonts online that have this problem.

    I'm not sure if this is the exact reason this occurs with several of the Annual fonts & from the FR Interactive Atlas have this problem.

    In CC3 these are the problem ones.

    Bridnorth - BRIDGE & BRIDGB only one is showing
    Gentium - GEN the 2 italic ones don't show up
    JSL Ancient - Itallic doesn't show
    Ieicester - 2 don't show the files sell Ieicester with an L
    Shrewsbury - Bold doesn't show
    Texgyre only one shows others don't
    Forgotten Unicale only 2 are showing of the 5 (from the FR Interactive Atlas)

    I suspect the problem is the exact font name inside of each font as it relates to metadata. (This is not the file name of the font.)

    CAUTION: You never want to remove some fonts from your system like Times New Roman, and others that are needed for Windows to work right. If you have a duplicate of one of those make sure you have the registry entry point to the one you want to keep and just delete the ones that are not the ones the registry entry is pointing at.

    When your finally finished with fixing your Fonts folder by remove duplicates and have everything you can do done.

    Open a command prompt window (You may have to run as an administrator for this to work properly)
    Enter this line :

    attrib +r +s c:\Windows\Fonts

    (The C:\Windows\ bit should be replaced by your system folder, if it is different)

    This restores your fonts folder back to how it displayed before and prevents you from removing files and makes it show up as a fonts folder instead of a normal one when you view it

    3.) Microsoft wanted to charge me $140 to fix this problem and Microsoft doesn't encourage you to not have any fonts that were not from a Microsoft product on your system now. They set up newer versions of Windows to make it difficult for you to install fonts and caused a bunch of problems with them that didn't exist with older versions of Windows.

    Microsoft advises to use the shortcut method to install a font now which has the font in another folder that fonts looks for.
    Other have reported similar problems with fonts.

    So hope that helps and others can figure out how to troubleshoot those last few.
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