Sudden Blank White Display

I have an issue that I've ignored up until now because its been a slight inconvenience. Now it has become a SERIOUS problem.

In the past, when I click to zoom out to the view the whole map, I occasionally get a blank white screen. The sliders on the right and bottom appear at the extreme top or left and suddenly, no amount of zooming or positioning them will result in anything but a blank white display. In the past, all I had to do was close the program and then open it again. It would come back zoomed in really far and I would zoom out and continue working.

A month ago, this happened and refreshing the program did not solve this. I had to restore a previous version of the file in order to see it again. Not good, but fortunately, I had not made many changes to the file since then.

Now. I have a map I've put 15 hours into and needed it completed by tomorrow. I really needed it complete by tonight so I could edit it for my Virtual Table program. No matter what I do to change the view or how many times I refresh the program, it comes up blank white. What's interesting is if I try to move symbols or even the cursor on to the map, they disappear like its covered by a blank white sheet. Another interesting thing I noticed is that if I click on the box that usually shows the coordinates; it displays "T: 0.00000, 0.00000" or variations of 0.0000. At first it said NAN/NAN . It seems like there's something going on with positioning. I am at a loss.

Finally, using windows to restore a previous version of the map dates back to the other night. (I save every 5 minutes, but I know this has nothing to do with that.) That's 6 hours of work back.

I'm starting to lose my temper on this. Any insight would be really welcome.


  • Ok, so I wasn't able to find it at first, but after trying different keywords. I found a thread from 2011 that answered my problem. I'm all good now unless anyone has advice on how to prevent this issue from happening.
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    I don't have any new insights, but could you post a link to the thread you found?

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  • This is often caused by an entity accidentaly placed far, far, far away from the rest of the map. When you zoom to extents the size of the map relative to the distance to this entity is so small that you don't see it anymore.

    Using a previously saved map is great if you have one :)

    Otherwise, I usually hide all sheets to select them one by one. As long as you don't show the sheet containing the culprit, zoom to extents should again focus on your map.
    Once you tracked the right sheet, hide it again, show another, zoom to extents to focus on the map, show the target sheet again, Erase right-click All right-click Not and draw a selection box around your map to exclude everything from the selection. Right-click Do it and the offending entity should be gone.

    Now if said offending entity is on the COMMON sheet, you first need to move it on another one...
  • This happened to me frequently in the last few days while I was trying to use the random street function to detail out my city in the CD3 menu. Apparently, while I'm zoomed into a particular district and working on random houses on streets, I somehow miss-click or move the cursor out of the frame (i.e. across the city) and I get the white screen. I think it overloads the processor (by tracing houses at weird angles across the map with all of the snap-things going on, etc.), and I have a pretty good processor. May have to reinstate the annoying, but helpful auto-save every 5 minutes that I turned off. I've lost a few things, but I'm getting into the habit of frequently saving when I do something I like.

    Good luck,

    BTW - I could be totally wrong on the mechanics, but it seems the easier I make my decisions, the easier CC3 runs. Just saying.
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    Posted By: MiritholMay have to reinstate the annoying, but helpful auto-save every 5 minutes that I turned off.
    Do remember that you can tell the autosave to not prompt you, but just save automatically. I can't stand that dialog popping up all the time myself, but the autosaving quietly in the background is pretty helpful.
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  • Thank you!

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    This very problem has been driving me crazy for weeks now. I'm currently trying to redraw Denis Tetreault's City of Greyhawk map for use in my campaign, and I've come up with this problem so many times I've lost count.

    So from the bottom of my heart, and with appropriate fervour:

    THANK YOU! :)
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  • Hi there!

    It always happens in a rush, when no time to fix...

    I have a blank page, NAN everywhere. Autosave saved a blank one too. Zoom do not work. Hiding sheets looks alike. Move 1 entity from "Common Sheet" to another one but zoom still shows white page...

    I'm lost! Please help!

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    ... I got my grid displayed again. But no entities displayed... :O

    Got this by "Views>Zoom>To All Text" and selecting a text I do not know (!!) When selecting a text I know, I'm back to blank region.

    On the Common sheet, I can go "Edit", when "select Entities" appears, I type "a" and got 1 entity selected. But cannot see it, though.

    Can't understand what the sole "feet" text allow me to find a region. And why it is empty. :(
  • Wierd:

    0/ Hide all sheets but Common.
    1/ Views>Zoom>To All Text and selected "feet" (a text I did not write, for sure. => Got a grid back.
    2/ Draw a grey rectangle.
    3/ Zoom Extand => my rectangle goes full screen.
    4/ Unhide a sheet with some stuff then Zoom Extand => blank screen.
    5/ Go to Sheet Window.... => CC3 crashed.

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    Might be a corrupt entity on that sheet.

    One easy thing you can try is to make a new map the same size and style as the old one, then use draw -> insert file, and insert your old map into the new one and see if that fixes the issue. (If you have used custom sheets, you may need to rearrange them a bit after the insertion, since new sheets end up at the bottom of the list.)
  • After a while, I got only my rectangle. Whatever the sheet I show, Zoom Extent only display the rectangle.
    Sheets that make the blank screens are TEXT, SYMBOLS*...

    Do you think all is lost?

    ** rolling on the floor crying **
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    If you post your map here, I can have a look at it.
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    Is this the original broken map, or is this a new map with the old one inserted?

    This map seems to unfortunately have been corrupted in an unrecoverable manner. I have never seen corruption like this before, but all your entities have lost their size and position, making it impossible to do anything with it unfortunately.
    However, if this was the new map with the old one inserted, it is still a small hope that this happened when you tried to insert the map, and the old map may not have the same issue, although I am not very optimistic, if that's the case, I could give that one a quickl look too.

    Sorry about the bad news.
  • ... |'O (<- crying)

    That's the original file. I backed it up to send it to you. ... How...

    I see CC3 colluded with the postal services to make my life a hell! ;)

    Fortunatly, I have a backup system that copy all my stuff every 30 minutes. The previous file was also corrupted (?) thus I found a 1 hour older file. Sob.

    Many thanks for your help!

  • I save as filename01, do some work, save as filename02, etc. When done, I copy all out to a backup drive or thumb drive. Lost a file in university to having it in only one place. I keep a copy of the best one on my computer's hard drive.
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  • Don't worry Sue!

    I love CC3! But the less I use it, the more I love it ;)

    Have a nice week end all and take care of yours!

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