Cavemen, flowers, animals and other symbols required

I am trying to put together a fantasy type map of a woodland for children to follow as they navigate their way through a woodland. CC3 gives mew all the terrain symbols I require, however, I need people and animal symbols as well.

Where can I find symbols of:
* cavemen and wizards etc (not just faces but legs and arms as well)?
* plants and flowers (kind of girlie stuff)?
* animals (whole bodies not just heads)?

I can find some of these in Microsoft clip art - is it possible to import and use these or others from similar sources?

I'm getting desperate here...any help or links to similar maps for inspiration would be most appreciated


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    Try to look at Dundjinni Forum. There is many useful symbols (PNG).
  • Thank's for that - I had a look but couldn't find anything suitable. One more question though. I downloaded one symbol and it was .cis format can anyone explain the .png and .cis etc
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    OK. So, the closer help: You wanna wizards, for exaple. I can browse the forum and look for wizards or quicker way: I click Search button up, and let search "wizards". It finds 1 link: Objects: Wizards. OK, I click on the link and have a look. Well, the up green wizard is perfect! Left mouse button click on him and choose "save image as..." and save the image as "wizard 01.PNG". Well, the others are handsome too. I one by one as "wizard 02.PNG", "wizard 03.PNG " etc. Now I wanna horses. Search again for "horse". I finds many links. First, I choose for example Kinnigits (Knights) on horses. I save them all again as "horse 01.PNG", "horse 02.PNG" etc. After I download all I wanted, I import PNG into CC3 and make a catalog, the guide for the procedure is here. Well, if you save the images as I wrote, you can make collections with horses, wizards, etc. (Collections can be files with the same names and a counter on the end.)
    And the CIS file? I guest it's useless. Any quiestions?
  • The CC3 can make even much more! Your horse is looking at left side and you wanna right side? NP, just mirror the symbol. Your horse is brown and you wanna whitehorse? NP, there is a technique, which you can find in help of CC3 (look for "Creating Varicolor PNG symbols", or just "vari"), or I can make a video tutorial about it, if there will be big request...
  • I'd love that tutorial.
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