Lets go to the Pub!

Hello all. Here is a tavern I made working off a plan of a tavern from the D&D 4e Scales of War adventures. Everyone needs a good pub for either a big bar fight or a base to start new adventures! I'll also attach the FCW on a second post, so feel free to use. If anybody has some cunning ideas to make it better, please do so and post the results! I'm pretty happy with it, but I think the big fire in the middle looks a bit average. Tried to build a raised hearth and have big heap of hotcoals in the middle.

Have not tampered with directional lighting yet either, but might have a play around and see what I can come up with.

The symbols are mostly DD3 ones, and a few of the CSUAC ones for plants.



  • Sympa,

    I think of Hobbit Tavern.
    Reduce effect of Grid with transparency 50%

  • Very nice!

    As KROM said, the grid is a bit sharp, I'd also put the hearth over the grid.
    If you really want a pub ambiance, perhaps some more tables will make it more crowded...

    Really like the overall calm feeling :)
  • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker
    Very useful, very nice, thanks for sharing! :)
  • DogtagDogtag Moderator, Betatester Traveler
    Agreed, thank you for sharing!

    I like the statues on each side of the door. Nice touch!

  • KenGKenG Traveler
    I like the way you did the landscaping, nice details
  • Thanks for the comments. I'm trying to wrap my head around directional shadows and lighting. If I have any success I'll be sure to put up an updated version!
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  • I'm kind of late commenting on this. It is a great map! I love how you trimmed the planting beds with stone. I stealing that idea for sure!

    My only suggestion would be to put the carpet that is in front of the main entrance on a sheet without effects. There wouldn't be a huge drop shadow from a carpet.

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    After learning of Shessar's really clever lighting techniques (the Town- Street View post), I've added some lighting effects to the tavern and have also copied the idea of using walls under windows too. So here is the final (I think) product. With the multipoly layer I added the Edge fade inner effect and then also added a Glow effect too (black colour, outside, strength 0, radius 5.0). Seemed to blend the shadows and light a little nicer.

    Thank you Shessar for the lighting methodology, really helpful!!!

    I'll also attach the updated FCW if anybody is interested.

    edit about 2 minutes after posting - Dammit was going to add some tankards and maybe the odd drunk or two passed out under the tables but forgot....perhaps just add them in with your imaginations.... :)
  • You are right Mappy, the glow does blend the shadows better.

    This is wonderful!!!
  • DogtagDogtag Moderator, Betatester Traveler
    Really nice. And i see you moved the rug at the door to another layer like Shessar suggested as well. That got rid of the carpet's shadow. It looks great!

  • Henrie61Henrie61 Traveler
    Wow, the use of the lightning made this map even better.
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